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Mrs. Mom’s Magical Fanny Pack

Yesterday, we talked about Dad’s “Simple” Backpack. Which brings us to today’s topic – Mrs. Mom’s Magical Fanny Pack. Yes, it truly is magic. See for yourself.

Mary Poppins flying on her umbrella carrying her suitcase on the Great Movie Ride

Think about it – photo by Express Monorail

When we go to the parks, Dad carries the backpack and Mrs. Mom carries everything else in her Magical Fanny Pack. The really cool thing about Mrs. Mom’s Magical Fanny Pack is that it just seems to have everything we need. Yes, everything. Here’s what I’ve seen come out of it on previous trips.

  • Tickets – Mrs. Mom is the keeper of the tickets. They pop out anytime we need them.
  • FASTPASSES – like our tickets, Mrs. Mom is the keeper of all of our FASTPASSES.
  • Blistex – (lip balm) the kids and Mrs. Mom love to keep their lips kissable. Dad, not so much.
  • Sunglasses and strings – Mrs. Mom’s sunglasses and the little string that holds them around her neck reside in Fanny Pack whenever not in use.
  • Contact case and solutions – you never know when the contacts are going to act up.
  • Car keys – whenever we rent a car (because Dad almost always has a car at Disney World), the keys go in the Fanny Pack.
  • Meds – through the years our medications have gone from a pill or two each to our current medicine cabinet we have to tote around. I think Dad takes about 50 pills per day (Dad has just a few health issues). Those go in the Magical Fanny Pack.
  • Aspirin – On top of all the meds, we always pack some aspirin (Tylenol).
  • The Man-Child’s Inhaler – The Man-Child has asthma. For years he has carried a rescue inhaler (never used it very much except during baseball season). It went into the Fanny Pack with everything else.
  • Cell phone – once cell phones came around the Fanny Pack was the perfect place for it (she won’t carry mine).
  • Gum – Mrs. Mom likes gum.
  • Never ending supply of $20 dollar bills – I don’t know how, but Mrs. Mom always seems to have a almost endless supply of $20 bills to pay for anything she buys when Dad is not around. Of course, when Dad’s around that never ending supply seems to disappear.
  • Hair thingys for The Princess – when The Princess was young she had those hair thingys to tie up her long hair.
  • Park Map of the day – Mrs. Mom always has a neatly folded map for each park. The park map of the day is always in the Fanny Pack. (Of course Dad, being a Walt Disney World expert never needs a park map. I keep a map in my head.)
  • Breath mints – it’s always important to have a breath mint just in case.
  • Mrs. Mom’s Laminated Itinerary – one of these days, I’m going to share with you Mrs. Mom’s laminated daily itinerary page. It’s a work of art. It has all of our ADR’s, the park of the day, and any other reservation we might have for the day.
  • Bandaids – this is a be prepared for anything (we had a very active child).
  • Nail clippers – you have to be ready in case you have a hang nail.
  • Nail file – Dad knows nothing about why you’d want this, but it’s in there.
  • Pizza/Hamburger/Snack – it seems like anytime someone gets hungry, Mrs. Mom hands them just what they need.
  • Partridge in a pear tree – …

Mrs. Mom is amazing. Whatever we need, she just seem to have it. I’d swear the Magical Fanny Pack should weigh about a billion pounds, but it fits comfortably around her waist and she carries it without a complaint. If I ever need anything, it’s there. Magic.

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