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MVMCP crowd level on Veteran’s Day

by Jamee

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“We are visiting November 10-18, 2018. I know the parks will be super busy on Veteran’s Day. Will the party that night also be busy? There are 4 parties that week, but this party and the 1 on Friday night fit best in our schedule. I really want to leave the less crowded days in the middle of the week for the parks. Thanks so much for your help!”


The sign outside of the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Come on and join the fun – Photo by Mike Billick


Oh, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. I love it. You’re going to have so much fun.

Dad’s Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party page

Yes, the parks will be busy (but not crazy) on Veterans Day. With Thanksgiving coming early this year, and Veterans Day being on Monday, I do think the crowds will be big.

Dad’s November Disney World Crowds page

That being said, I don’t think the Magic Kingdom will be all that busy on Monday. The park closing at 6 will drive the crowds down a lot. It always does.

About the party on Monday, it will probably sell out, but it might not. A lot of the Veterans Day holiday-ers will be going home on Tuesday and might not want to stay into the late night for the party.

Even if they do, a sold out party is not bad at all. Yes, the parade and the fireworks draw crowds, but the rides don’t. Trick or Treating stations will have long lines, but they always do. The lines for the rides will be short.

All that to say Monday isn’t the worst choice, but other days might be better. Friday is normally the busiest party of the week, but it shouldn’t be too bad for this week.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is there is NO WRONG CHOICE! You’ll be at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Even with a sold out party it’s going to be fun.


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