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New “Brew” coming to Gaston’s Tavern

Hi Yall! When I think Tavern I think of a place where people go to consume alcohol and relax and hear music. I was a little confused when Fantasyland was going to build Gaston’s Tavern. I remember from the movie Beauty and the Beast that is where Gaston and his buddies sat around and drank something with bubbles. This confused me because the Magic Kingdom does not allow alcohol to be served at any of their restaurants.

Nice glasses – photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog


But I found out that instead of alcohol they will be serving LeFou’s Brew. LeFou is Gaston’s main man from the movie and his trusted side kick. This will be frozen apple juice with a hint of marshmallow and topped with mango foam. The drink will be served in a Gaston Mug or a Belle Goblet.

Pair this drink with a warm cinnamon roll and you are set for a great treat. I might have forgot to mention the cinnamon rolls are going to be the signature dessert at Gaston’s Tavern. I love cinnamon rolls. Dad used to make really good cinnamon rolls with lots of icing. I hope these are just as good.

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