New Color Coordinated Luggage Tags for Resort Guests!

New Color Coordinated Luggage Tags for Resort Guests!

by Kimberly


Starting September 29th, guests staying at a Walt Disney World Resort will find something extra arriving with their Magic Bands. Luggage tags are now going to be issued that will coordinate with the Band color you select!

Luggage Tags

Image courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

The tags will be the same color as the Magic Band you order; however, there is a different character on the tag based on the color. Here’s the breakdown:

Blue= Donald Duck
Gray= Minnie and Mickey
Green= Goofy
Orange= Pluto
Pink= Daisy
Red= Minnie Mouse
Yellow= Mickey

Personally, I think this adds a whole new element to color selection on the Magic Bands. I have ordered green and pink before because they are my favorite colors. But I really think I want a Donald tag so in that case I will need to order a blue Magic Band.

If you order your Magic Bands ten or more days prior to your arrival, the luggage tags will be shipped to your home along with your Magic Bands. If you do not customize your bands or do so 6-9 days prior to your arrival, your luggage tags will be at the front desk along with your Bands. If you opt out of Magic Bands (which was added as a recent choice in My Disney Experience) your luggage tags will be waiting for you at the front desk.

My guess is this is only the beginning and eventually more options will become available. One can only hope purple eventually makes it into the mix! Does this now change how you will order your MagicBands?

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