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New Disney Discounts! Free Dining (sort of but not really)

by Dad
(The Office)

Let’s see, it’s the slowest news week in the year. Everyone has their minds set on the New Year, on returning Christmas presents and anything but the upcoming Disney vacation so what does Disney do?

That’s right, they throw a big (or not so big) discount out to get some attention. Needy people. Lol.

OK, so here are some of the details.

Disney's new Soak Up the Sun discount

Disney announced 2 new discounts today. The best of them is the Soak Up the Sun discount. It’s up to 25% off a room plus you get a free day added to any ticket purchase of 4 days or more.

The discounts really ranges from 10% to 25% depending on the resort and the days you are booking. For a full chart of discounts to here.

Be sure to go over now to Dad’s Destinations to Travel page and get started on your booking.

Disney's one Meal Free package

Free Dining (sort of but not really)

Disney also announced a “Free Dining” package. Book a “full priced” vacation of 5 nights and get a quick service meal for each person per day. This one must include tickets.

For more information on this package check out this.

The other offer is probably better, but check with Destinations to Travel to see which one will be better for you.

Destinations to Travel logo

The Next Step

If you are planning to go to Walt Disney World between February 20 and June 10 you need to book TODAY. Space for these offers will be very limited. Go ahead, click on the Destinations to Travel link and get started. You’ll thank me. Trust me!

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page


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