New Disney World hotel Discounts

New Disney World hotel Discounts

by Lindsey
(Niagara Falls, Canada)

Hi "Dad"..I have already booked a few days at the Polynesian in October, and now they have come out with the 25-40% discount during the time I am there. Am I able to call them and take advantage of the rate or is it for new reservations only. I'm only there for the last 2 days of my 3 week trip (because of the price) but if I could get the discount on this reservation, I might add days. Thank you for your help.

Dad's doesn't hurt to call Answer


Disney is usually very good about applying new Disney World hotel discounts to existing reservations. It won't hurt to call. BUT ... I would do it right now. Drop everything you're doing, no, I'm not kidding, drop everything and call them now. I talked to them this afternoon and was on hold for 30 minutes waiting to talk to a human.

Which means that lots of people are calling Disney trying to get discounts.

A Plug for Dad

This is why you should use a Disney approved
(like Dad) travel agent to make your reservations. Most of us would automatically try to apply new discounts to your reservations.

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