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New Management canned at The Enchanted Tiki Room


Well it’s about time. That’s Dad’s reaction to the news that The Enchanted Tiki Room is going back to the original show. I guess the gods of the Tiki room finally got fed up with the new management.


New Sign Needed – The Enchanted Tiki Room Photo by Jeff_B

At yesterdays D23 event it was announced that the Enchanted Room – Under New Management will be replaced with the original show that Uncle Walt himself built with his own hands. OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but they are going back to the original, and which opened in 1971.


As you probably know, the show suffered a fire in January 2011 and has been closed ever since. It’s scheduled to open on August 16, 2011 without the new management.


Fans of the classic show have been complaining about the addition of Zazu and Iago ever since they showed up in 1998. The first show at Disneyland opened in 1968, It was the first show ever to use audio-animatronics. It irritated lots of fans of Walt’s creation when the new show opened and guests haven’t ever had an enthusiastic reaction to the new owners.

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The new/old show will still feature the glee club, Jose, Michael, Pierre and Fritz and the Tiki gods. But gone will be the annoying Iago. I guess he finally got crosswise with the powers that be and poor Zazu got zapped with him.

Dad’s Bottom Line


Dad was a real fan of the original, so this is good news. Like I said, it’s about time.


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