New Merchandise App (hopefully) Coming Soon!

New Merchandise App (hopefully) Coming Soon!

by Kimberly


Disney Parks merchandise just keeps getting better and better. Not only have they rolled out a ton of new merchandise this summer and have a ton more planned for release this fall, but now there is a special app on the way.

Shop Disney Parks

Image courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

According to Walt Disney World News Today the new app, called Shop Disney Parks, will help you search for merchandise, including hard-to-find souvenirs. Shop Disney Parks will track down a specific item for you and let you know where you can find it, either at the parks or in the resorts. It is even suppose to tell you the quantity left of the item you want.

You can already purchase various Disney Parks merchandise through, however this new app will make even more merchandise available for purchase.

There is no official word on this yet from Disney, but it seems like a logical step for them to make. Personally, this sounds like a great idea. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen an incredible new souvenir go on sale, only to realize that by the time my next trip rolls around it might be gone.

What is the one souvenir you would like to be able to track down?

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