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New Years Eve Fireworks on December 30th

by Emily

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“We will be going to MK on Dec. 30 when they do their first round of NYE fireworks. When should we start saving our spots for fireworks. We want to be in the hub, but I’ve read conflicting advice about when exactly you need to start waiting. Some people say that you need to be there before even the first fireworks show at 6:30 and others say you can grab a spot after because so many people leave. When we need to start waiting will determine if we keep our BOG reservation at 4:30 or not. Can we still eat at BOG and get spots in the hub (or even a good Main Street spot) after 6?”

Watching the Magic Kingdom New Years Eve fireworks from the beach at the Transportation and Ticket Center might be a better option

The Christmas fireworks from the Transportation and Ticket Launch area – Photo by Laurie Sapp

Hi, Emily. I”m struggling with this one. I’ve never been at Walt Disney World during the New Years Eve celebrations so I’m working blind.

Yes, they will be doing the New Years Eve fireworks show on December 30th. (As well they should to celebrate Dad’s birthday.) The crowds on the 30, won’t be as crazy as on the 31st. That’s not to say the crowds on the 30th won’t be big. They will be huge.

Dad’s December Disney World Crowds page

Getting a spot on Main Street for the New Years Eve fireworks either on December 30th or the 31st will tough. With two fireworks shows that night, people will start lining up hours before the late show for sure. It won’t be as bad for the early show.

Would I keep the Be Our Guest reservation at 4:30? That’s a tough question. It’s right on the borderline. If you can get through and be looking for a spot by 5:30 (for the 6:30 show), then it might OK, but you’ll have to hurry to Main Street.

I think it would be safer to cancel it.

When should you start lining up? I’d keep my eye on Main Street, but I’m probably head over there around 5 or so. You won’t get a prime spot, but you’ll still should be able to get a spot on Main Street. If it were me, I’d eat at Be Our Guest, then head out of the park and over to my favorite place to watch fireworks. The crowds would be smaller and you’d see a better show.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is, if you just have to be on Main Street for the December 30th fireworks show, then I would suggest you skip Be Our Guest and line up around 5 pm.


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