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New Years Week – Walt Disney World


by Dana

(Concord, nc)

Hello,I was reading your website and I LOVE IT!! It’s by far the friendliest and most honest I’ve been to.

We have vacationed for years in Disneyland as we lived on the west coast. However, now we live in NC and are planning our first trip to Walt Disney World in January.

We were planning on coming for New Years Day and staying until the 10th.. I know a long time! However, in reading the dreaded mom panel today. I was amazed to see that their expecting a million plus people for new years and through the weekend of new years until school starts. How accurate is this?

Would it be worth the wait for my sanity (were taking an aunt her disabled hubby and three little girls 5,7 and a birthday to turn 9 while where there with us) to skip New Years Week at Disney World! I want to avoid as much crowds as possible and actually enjoy the time we are going to be spending there.

Dad’s totally predictable answer


Stop it your making me blush. (But please don’t stop, I love blushing.)

New Years Week at Walt Disney World been there, done that, probably won’t go back.

This is one the ladies at the other website that I can’t name, that keep rejecting me, their greatest potential find ever… (sorry, that just leaked out) They are telling the truth. I’m not sure about the million number, but it could be true.

Usually, depending on the weather, there are around 100,000 to 120,000 people in the Magic Kingdom on January 1. Add 70-80,000 in EPCOT, 50-60,000 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios… You get the picture.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Dana, I would recommend you wait until at least Sunday the 3rd to check in. You’ll have some crowds with the marathon the first weekend, but they don’t disrupt too much.

Don’t worry about staying 10 days. We would if we could. You can fill 10 days and still not see everything Disney World has to offer. (I’m a little jealous.)

Destinations to Travel


Thanks again for your note, and let me know if you need any more information.

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Comments for New Years Week – Walt Disney World

Oct 13, 2009 New show? 

by: pfalcioni

There is a stunt car show at EPCOT? Hmmmm.

Dad pokes his nose in

No, Mrs. Mom is wrong. Lights, Motors, Action is in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

She is right about the crowds.

Oct 09, 2009 New Year’s Week 

by: Mrs. Mom

I can’t remember where my dear husband has “hidden” the story about our last trip to WDW. We took our 23 and 18 year old and arrived on New Year’s Day and left on Jan. 6. The only problems I really remember are (1) not getting to eat at ESPN on New Year’s Day–imagine that! (2) Some crowds at the stunt car show in EPCOT. AND if I remember correctly, the crowds diminished as the week went on.

I know, I know our circumstances were a little different with kids and no aunts/uncles.

Also, we have taken our parents and used the electric wheelchairs both time.

I truly think our 2008 trip was one of the best! (They’re all GOOD!)

My dear husband can correct me on any of the above.

Enjoy your trip and I am totally jealous of you getting to be there for 10 days. We have never had enough money or time to stay for more than 6 or 7.

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