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News about new dates for Free Dining at Walt Disney World


by Dad


I’m getting really confused about Free Dining at Walt Disney World. First the facts. (Just the facts mam, just the facts.)

Information about Free Disney Dining

Picture of the Disney Dining sign at Disney's Hollywood and Vine part of free dining at Walt Disney World

Photo by Samantha Decker


I got a post over on Dad’s Amazing Facebook page (if you don’t already “like” it, you should) earlier this week from a lady that had booked a trip in August 2012 with Free Dining. I was shocked. I found out that, yes, Canadian Residents (lucky ducks) can actually get Free Dining all the way through September 24 of 2011. I’m shocked (didn’t I say that already?). I have been saying for a long time that Free Dining at Disney World is dead. I know I’m right but it’s like the worm guys in the movie Men In Black. It just keeps pulling itself together. (Yes, I know that Men In Black is made by the competition, but I like it. PS. I really like the ride. It’s my favorite in Orlando. Shhhh. Don’t tell Uncle Walt.)


Yes, it seemed like Free Dining at Walt Disney World was very much alive and kicking ….


But, this week, Disney announced changes to the dates that Free Dining is available over the next few months. They added some dates, but they also subtracted some dates to the point where there are now about 11 less dates that qualify for free dining. These changes make it where, for example, if you check in the Friday before the phantom Jersey Week you don’t get free dining for Jersey Week. Before the changes you did.


The new dates for Free Dining at Disney World are –

2011 – 10/1-10/6, 10/22-11/3, 11/12-11/17, 11/26-12/1, 12/10-12/15
2012 – 1/8-1/12, 1/21-2/2, 2/11-2/16, 3/3-3/8, 3/24-3/29


If you are confused about all of this don’t worry. Just let Amanda and her crew over at Destinations to Travel help you sort it all out. They know all about these changes and can tell you how you can get your Free Dining.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page


Dad’s Bottom Line


I am no longer predicting the death of Free Dining at Walt Disney World. I think you can reasonably assume that it will be available at least through Fall of 2012. The dates might be more and more limited, but for now it’s the only special that Disney is offering.


inside the Sci Fi Dine In



the fire pit at 'Ohana



the disney world website for ADRs

advanced dining reservations


Disney Dining Plan

dining plan



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