Nighttime Parade in the Magic Kingdom

Nighttime Parade in the Magic Kingdom

by sandra


"We're going to Walt Disney World in May 2018. Any idea if there will be an evening parade by then?"

The Wholw Main Street Electrical Parade in one shot

The Main Street Electrical Parade in one shot - Photo by Mike Billick

Sandra, this is something that is kind of near and dear to my heart. I sent an open letter to Bob Iger this week saying, "Fix it! We're not happy. We want a parade. We want a parade." It's just crazy that there's not a nighttime parade at the Magic Kingdom and one has not been announced.

Dad's Rant About The Nighttime Parade

There have been times where there wasn't a parade at the Magic Kingdom, but then they had announced that the replacement was coming, it was a few weeks away. That's great. It's been six months now, six months almost to the day, a little more than six months, since the Main Street Electrical Parade moved to Disneyland.

Disneyland has two parades. They don't use both of them, but they're both out in California now. Why? Get one of them to Florida. Come on Disney, let's get Walt Disney World a parade. Like now!

It's one of the big reasons that ... In fact, it started because there weren't enough people staying after dark. That's why they started the parade, started with the Main Street Electrical Parade. That's why they started that back in... I don't remember the dates, but it was a long time ago, long time ago. There's been a parade at the Magic Kingdom for over forty years, a night time parade. It's time to get it back.

Will there be one by 2018? My guess is yes. Here's what I think is going to happen. Once they get Pandora open and going things will change.

Right now, they're trying to get more people into Animal Kingdom at night. Rivers of Light, the new Pandora, they're really pushing the nighttime experience of Pandora, the nighttime experience at the Animal Kingdom. Once that settles in, say late summer, then they'll announce the nighttime parade coming back to the Magic Kingdom.

The Paint the Night Parade at Disneyland is a prime candidate for coming to Disneyland

Paint the Night should come to Walt Disney World! - Photo by Andy Sanchez

The replacement should be Paint the Night, it makes total sense. Paint the Night is the parade that's been out at Disneyland for years. It just makes sense that Paint the Night would come to Disney World.

Will that happen? I have no idea. That's just my guess, that sometime late summer we'll see an announcement about a parade coming back to Walt Disney World, to the Magic Kingdom.


one day free in the parks

Dad's Bottom Line

Who knows? I would almost guess by May 2018, there will be a nighttime parade in the Magic Kingdom. If there's not, a lot of us are going to be seriously unhappy.



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May 19, 2017
Getting Less Optimistic
by: Ken R

Hi Dad,

I was there for the debut of Happily Ever After and am thinking that they view this show as a worthy replacement for both Wishes and the night time parade. They threw in everything including the kitchen sink, lasers, projection mapping, and spot lights into that show. I have sad feeling that they are going to over use the projection mapping the way Epcot over used movies and videos and think it can replace beautiful floats and moving, symphonic music. They are wrong.

I would love to see Spectro Magic brought back with Wishes upgraded with some newer fireworks. They may also have wanted to simplify crowd control in the evenings. I hope I am wrong but I don't think we are getting a night time parade back. Very sad.

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