No discount ticket prices for Disney Resort Guests?

No discount ticket prices for Disney Resort Guests?

hello dad,

Some Very funny stuff on your site. I am planning my first trip back to Disneyworld in 18 years and taking my 7 and 5 yr old with me and my wife. Looking at the ticket prices they are quite OBSCENE. I mean I understand averge price per day is like a ticket to Sesame place approx 45 bucks for a 1 or 2 day ticket. However One would think guests staying on site would get a discounted ticket options for multi day park tickets.

Either way I am going to use the some of the advise I got and go In late aug for less busy days and definitely use the early am and later hours to stay away from crowded rides as much as possible.

One last question is the FAST PASS option already included in all the credit card like tickets one buys for each park patron?? Or does the card have to say FAST PASS option included?




Dad's outrageous Answer


Good to hear from you. Thanks for pointing out something that bugs all of us. Disney World tickets are OUTRAGEOUSLY priced. But if you look at the price after the first 4 days, you'll see that the price only goes up $4.00 per day (or so), so you do get a break the longer you stay.

Disney occasionally runs specials that includes free tickets for those staying in Disney Resorts. (The current special includes free dining for those staying in Disney Resorts which is a pretty big deal.)

Dad's Bottom Line

E, Disney World tickets seem to be very expensive, but people keep paying the price, so Disney keeps raising it. Even in the current financial meltdown, Disney World attendance is just about at the same level as last year and Disney had big price increases when the year started. (Parking and such.) Disney does give guests staying in Disney Resorts lots of perks (sometimes including free dining).

Oops, almost forgot ...

Fastpass tickets are included in the price of admission.

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