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Not excited about going to Disney World


(I love your site, I recommended it to a friend on Facebook). Anyway, my mom and I have been going to Disney World once a year since 2005. I’m not excited about going to Disney World. My last trip wasn’t that great. I just don’t get excited any more about Disney. Not sure why. How do you keep the excitement in going every year?

Dad’s very, very surprising Answer

First, thanks for recommending Dad’s Facebook Page. I hope your friend enjoys it. Everyone should “Like” it.

Now, about not being excited about going to Disney World. Dad’s advice will surprise you.

Take a couple of years off. If you aren’t excited, don’t force it. The excitement will come back. Promise. We went through the same thing a few years ago.

Someone in our family (I won’t mention any names, but it wasn’t me), wasn’t thrilled about going to Disney World when we started talking about a vacation. They were a bit burned out on Disney. So, Dad being Dad, forced them to go and have a good time whether they wanted to or not. Not really.

We took a couple of years off. It killed me, but I’m a faithful Dad and only do what the family wants. That person who will still remain nameless got the bug to go to Disney back, so off we went. Now, they want to go all the time.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing. (Forgive me Uncle Walt) You don’t have to go to Disney World every year. I know, sacrilege. Sometimes you have to experience other things. But you might find that Disney World gets in your blood.

Hey, even when Mrs. Mom and I were in Hawaii last year, we were comparing everything to Disney World. It gets in your blood.

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