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November Disney World Crowds and Jersey Week


by Fritz


My family and I are going to Disney World November 4-12 of 2011 and we keep hearing about November Disney World crowds and Jersey Week. I was wondering what you expect the crowd level to be a this time?


The Christmas Parade in the Magic Kingdom entertains

November Disney World Crowds have a lot of fun Photo by Don Sullivan

Dad’s Amazing and Complete Answer



First, let me tackle the easy one. For crowd levels in November check out …


Dad’s November Disney World crowds page


Now, lets move on to November Disney World crowds and Jersey week.


Jersey Week is the creation of someone with an overactive imagination. Every year the first or second week of November, the New Jersey schools dismiss classes on Thursday and Friday. The story is that every family in New Jersey packs up and goes to Walt Disney World for the whole week and the crowds are uncontrollable.


It’s not true. Yes, you will run into a few people from New Jersey but the crowd levels are historically low. (To see the historical daily crowd numbers for November go to They have a database with the numbers all the way back to 2006.)


I get this question every year. Here is a link to some feedback I got about November Disney World crowds and Jersey week from last years question.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Fritz, there is a little bounce in crowds during Jersey Week at Walt Disney World. Crowds go from light to light to moderate. It’s still a wonderful time to visit. You’ll have a great time.


PS, It’s such a great time to visit that Dad is probably going to go at that time this year.


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Comments for

Aug 17, 2019 Terrible Week to Visit Disney World
by: Anonymous My birthday is November 7th and I’ve visited Disney World numerous times around my birthday. I cannot, repeat, cannot stress enough that this is a terrible week to visit Disney World. First of all, imagine all the cliches about people from NJ. Imagine a whole park full of hundreds or thousands of said cliches. Enough said, right?

Now I love going to Disney World for my birthday because everyone is so nice and says Happy Birthday to you, but I will not go back the first two weeks of November BECAUSE of Jersey Week. My only wish is that they move Jersey Week to October some time.

Aug 11, 2019 Jersey Week is Real, not a hoax
by: Anonymous I 100% disagree with the writer. I lived through Jersey week in November and the crowds were high. I will never go to Disney during the 1st 2 weeks in November. Even driving down from Maryland, I remarked to my family that I was seeing a lot of cars with NJ license tags. I told myself at the time that they must be “snow birds” i.e., those retirees who have 2 homes, one in the south and one in the north. Well, they were not “snow birds” they were NJ families headed to Disney. DON’T GO the first and 2nd week in NJ. Avoid this time if you can.

Jul 24, 2019 No Free Dine 2019
by: Heather Jersey Week is for yearly NJ teacher’s convention; kids are off Thur/Fri. They used to get Tues off as well but not in recent years.

Free Dine 2019 is blocked these dates so I guess medium (not lite) crowds regardless of NJ effect.

Jan 03, 2019 Article out of date.
by: Anonymous This article is out of date. We have been to WDW many times and went during Jersey week in 2018 and it was a terrible experience. The resort hotels were booked out. Lines were super long. Christmas party was packed. I would avoid if you don’t like large crowds.

Sep 09, 2018 Jersey week 2018 11/4-11/11
by: Anonymous Jersey week is a real thing. I live in NJ and most school are closed the first week, same week as elections. Keep in mind it is also coupled with the wine & food fest in EPCOT. Expect chaos.

Jul 28, 2018 Jersey Week is very real
by: Been There I remember obliviously doing a last minute trip to Disney in early November. It was crazy! I remember looking at my wife and asking what is going on here, and commenting I will never come back to Disney in early November. I later learned that we were victims of Jersey Week. I have taken dozens of trips to Disney and the only one I regretted was the one during Jersey Week. Years later, I still avoid this week like the plague.

Jun 04, 2018 We All Know about Jersey Week!
by: Anonymous I am very surprised this article has not been updated. Everyone in Jersey knows its Jersey Week.

Our school has the entire week off – and we are not the only ones!

It will eventually fall back into the fist week. I believe it is always the first full week in November. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see it in 2020. So keep that in mind when planning November travel!

I came across this article because I am trying to figure out which is worse – Jersey Week or Easter Week.

May 17, 2018 Jersey Week is real
by: RayVan I know I am not the first to say- but we went Jersey week November 2017. It was insane. Granted, yes we were there during food and wine, but I heard the Jersey voices EVERYWHERE and can vouch that they probably created a good portion of the crowds. Jersey week is real and it is insanity. It was busier than our previous trip in early June. The whole week it was packed to the gills. I would update your site to give proper info. Maybe this USED to be true, and maybe it was more than just Jersey Week creating the crowds this year, but I don’t know all I know is it was bad in 2017.

Apr 16, 2018 NJEA dates have changed…and as a result…
by: Anonymous So I think I figured it out…for the first time ever..Jersey week was the 2nd week in November in 2016. It is now the 2nd week… historically it was the first. Now, it bumps into Marathon week paired up with Food and Wine…sadly, since the dates have been changed the low crowds may be a thing of the past. Sigh…

Nov 21, 2017 2017 Worst Jersey Week Ever
by: Anonymous Maybe because this article made it sound like it would be emptier, but all 4 parks were filled to capacity during Jersey week. 2- 3 hour waits for rides were not uncommon. One cast member said it was similar to Christmas / New Years week crowd levels. Had to wait over an hour just to get on the monorail or boat to leave at midnight 3 hours after the fireworks. Will not go during Jersey week again. Went during July 4th the year before and it was less crowded.

Nov 20, 2017 Nov 2017
by: Anonymous I also just got back from Disney during Jersey week. I’m from NJ and I’ve gone several times during this time of year, and it was great because the crowds were relatively low and temps nice too.
However, this year the crowds were very high! Yes, I know many people from NJ who went that week, but I don’t think that would fill all the parks to the level I just experienced. Luckily I was staying on the property and had secured many fastpasses, but the standy by wait times were insane. 210 minutes for the new Avatar ride! 2 hrs for Mine train. It was also the end of Food and Wine festival which i’m sure didn’t help the crowds at EPCOT. I would advise others to steer clear of this week if you are seeking lower crowds.

Nov 16, 2017 Need to add my 2 cents
by: Anonymous Yes I am from NJ. Just got back from Disney myself on 11/15. Just curious who/when declares it “Jersey Week”? To add a little background, NJ schools closes a Thurs and Fri early November for Teacher conventions. Why they decide to schedule this during the school year…who knows. That’s the NJ teachers union for you.
Now yes, many NJ families decide to take the trip down to Disney to take advantage of the “off-peak” season. For example, my family left on Thurs 11/9 the first day that NJ schools were closed, and went straight to Hollywood studios…my first thought was I was surprised how crowded it was.
Next day, Friday, at Animal Kingdon, again crowded. I knew fully well going into the weekend was going to be worse. EPCOT on Saturday was a disaster, The funnny thing I noticed (I am a college football fan and Miami had a big game against Notre Dame that week) was a lot of Miami, Mississippi State, Alabama, Auburn jerseys. Not to mention all the Bachelorette party t-shirts. Mind you, this is not a result of “Jersey week” this was a result of locals visiting the Food/Wine festival. World Showcase was impossible to walk through, I really felt bad for my kids who weren’t able to experience it at all.
So Sunday my son and I decided to spend the day at Universal, still expecting the worst since it was still the weekend, but possibly a glimmer of hope since “jersey week” (if there truly is such a thing) travelers would be traveling back home for the new week.
What a breath of fresh air it was, instead of the typical 45 min wait at all the Disney parks (of course longer for the major rides) Our longest wait was maybe 20-25 mins, by 2:00 we were going on rides for the second time. So Next day was Monday, so-called “Jersey week” was now over to be spent at the Magic Kigndom. What can I say, back to the 45 min + wait times. 120 mins for Space Mtn, 180 mins for 7 Dwarfs. The fact that this is now happening after “Jersey week” and a relaxing weekend day at Universal goes to show that this is not a result of the made up “Jersey week” this is just Disney in general. All I can say is that it is disappointing, I’ve spent plenty of time at Disney (including a July 4th holiday) and that is the only comparison to the crowds I’ve recently seen. I’m guessing that Disney is experiencing record visitors, and it is showing. Expecting wait over 5 hours for two rides is just ridiculous Granted this is an extreme example, but feasible…thank god for fast pass. But for either of the Pandora rides at AK, no fast passes available and both had over a 2 hour wait.
Now to respond to all the comments I’ve read about how rude people from “Jersey Week” are..I’m sorry but I’ve met plenty of rude people from across the country. Geographic origins do not make a rude person, environment does. My guess is that these rude people just handled the stress of being in such crowded conditions poorly. And yes, maybe one happened to be from NJ. But I guarantee not all of them were, for example the family from TX I encountered, or the one from MA. To assume all rude people are from NJ is just wrong.

Nov 15, 2017 Jersey Week 2017
by: Chuck We just got back from being in Disney during Jersey Week. It was absolutely horrible and I will NEVER do it again. Unless you have been there during Jersey Week, then do not bother posting and speculating about it. I have been to Disney each year for the past three years and I’ve never seen crowds like this. Each time we go we spend 2 days at the MK. As an example, we were at the MK on Saturday, 11/4 and came back on Monday, 11/6 (the first official day of Jersey Week)and the crowds on Monday were significantly higher than Saturday. If you’ve been to MK you know that Saturdays and Sundays are historically busier than weekdays. It wasn’t just MK. It was the same at EPCOT (if not worse), AK and HS. It seemed as though more than half of the people were from Jersey. As an example, at the Indiana Jones show at HS, one guest said they were from Jersey and the entire crowd erupted in cheers. We still had a great time and were able to do all of the things we wanted to, but I will avoid Jersey Week like the plague moving forward. We booked for next year and we are going in October.

Nov 19, 2016 Jersey week is also Ffod and Wine and Marathon weekend
by: Araina I think the problem has been exacerbated by the Wine and Dine Marathon and the additional bonus races added. Disney added more races that weekend and now has more properties as host resorts. Nov 5-6 2016 was horrible. We were told by staff at Animal Kingdom Lodge that 23,000 runners registered.

Nov 15, 2016 Jersey Week is a real thing…
by: Anonymous We just got back Monday (11/14) and yes there were tons of Jersey families there and MOST were just trying to have a good time like the rest of us. There were occasional flare ups by some of the Jersey moms that felt the rules did not apply to their precious families and let everyone around know about it.

The parks were completely packed due to Food and Wine Festival, taping of Disney Christmas, Jersey Week, Dapper Day, etc..

We have been many times and this was the worst for crowds. 45 minute wait for the Land ride, 120 minutes for Space Mountain…Fast passes are great but they were snapped up quick.

We made the best of it, but we will not be going back during this time of year.

Nov 13, 2016 Jersey Week
by: Anonymous It’s not New Jerseyan’s fault that Disney closes half the magic kingdom to film a holiday show that is in their best interest (and the major networks) and not their guest’s. Mob size crowds, funneling through a restaurant to exit the park while they are letting in concert attendees. Absolutely ridiculous. Let’s figure out who Disney really cares about. And that instead of blaming residents in the state of New Jersey – let’s think about corporate greed.

Nov 09, 2016 Living in Jersey Hell
by: Anonymous We are literally in the middle of Jersey week now. Parks are completely over crowded and the people are incredibly rude.
When planning this trip, I completely thought the Jersey thing was blown out of proportion. Now that I am here, I can promise you that it is worse than I could have imagined.

Sep 29, 2016 Jersey in the house
by: E$ Jersey girl right here!!! We do Disney 2-3 times per year… Jersey week is the best!!! Jerseyans are not rude or pushy, we just live with purpose and do not get distracted from that!

May 26, 2016 Edit-Jersey week
by: Bacon I’m sorry it was 2014, not 2015. I couldn’t find a way to edit my comment after it was posted.

May 26, 2016 Jersey week
by: Bacon Our family went to Disney World during Jersey week 2015 and there were wall to wall crowds. Wait time for big rides was 1-1/2 hours! Never again. The trip was hardly enjoyable.

Jun 22, 2015 Jersey week; I wouldn’t do it unless I was from NJ
by: Anonymous I have also gone to Disneyworld many, many times and have made the mistake of going during Jersey week and will never do so again. I don’t care what anyone else says, I’m from the south and when Jersey takes over Disneyworld, it’s awful.

They are not friendly, they are rude and very pushy and non-apologetic about it. I also think the huge tours from Brazil have taken over and they are also very rude and pushy and LOUD. I would never want to be there during Jersey week and deal with the Brazilian tours at the same time. That would be my Disney nightmare. I came here to see when Jersey week was so I know what week to avoid. Don’t believe the low crowd estimates during this week as it just isn’t accurate.

Oct 11, 2014 I don’t agree.
by: TracieClaiborne We went during Jersey Week in 2009 and it was very low crowds and everyone we encountered was very pleasant. They were mostly from New Jersey. We chuckled that we were the only Southerners in the park. But they were all lovely people!

Didn’t really even notice it until we were in the Monsters, Inc. Laugh place where they ask where you’re from. Everyone in there was from Jersey but us! So the next time (2011), we avoided that week and went the second week of November, thinking it would be lighter and the crowds were so bad towards the end of the week, we could barely stand it.

So I’ve figured out a strategy. It’s not as much about the week (in November) as it is about picking the right park to go to. We go to EPCOT on a Monday because everyone wants to start their week off at WDW at Magic Kingdom and it’s packed. So we go there Tuesday and Wednesday and then to Hollywood on Friday and we are going on an EMH day at Magic Kingdom for our third day on a Thursday but we already will have ridden our faves and we’re just going to see the parades, hang out in the shops on Main Street and re-ride any favorites with a FP so we’re expecting a high crowd that day.

If you expect a low crowd at Disney – you’ll be disappointed. Expect the crowds and plan accordingly and then you’ll be pleasantly surprised if it’s not that bad. Having said all that, the MOST we’ve ever waited for a ride at WDW in November was 30 minutes and that was the Safari at AK.

It takes planning and Fast Pass use to get it done but you can ride everything quickly in November, even on a high crowd day. A high crowd day for November is nothing like a high crowd day in the summer or spring, in my opinion. I wouldn’t even go then.

May 12, 2014 “Jersey Week”
by: Anonymous Yes it is a “Jersey thing” and you do have to live here to understand it. The reason New Jersey schools are off those two days during the first week in November is New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) holds their annual teachers convention at that time. Since the weather is great in November, the crowds are low and the the holidays are about to begin it really is the best time for “Jerseyans” to head down to Disney. It has been my experience that there are far less Jerseyans than peoepl think. So don’t stay away for fear of being overrun by us Jerseyans, it doesn’t happen. Go and have fun!

Apr 16, 2014 Jersey Week baby
by: Dave It’s a Jersey thing baby, If you’re not from Jersey you just don’t get it!

I just wonder, why no Wyoming week? I want to go on Wyoming week! Talk about light crowds…


Dad Answers

Coming real close to violating Dad’s Code let’s be careful. (But it is funny.)

Nov 19, 2013 Jersey Week Nov. 2013
by: Michelle This year was my first visit to Disney and we’re from New Jersey so obviously decided on Jersey Week. We did Sunday to Sunday, the 3rd – 10th. First day, Hollywood Studios, VERY low crowd. Monday EPCOT, VERY low crowd. Tuesday MAGIC K. VERY LOW crowd. WEd & Thurs, Universal Parks (low crowds) FRIDAY & SAT couldn’t even come CLOSE to EPCOT or Magic Kingdom. The crowds were horrible!! Lines down the block kind of horrible!! I covered my child and said “I’m sorry love, but we’re definitely in danger of a stampede here, let’s go!” I highly highly recommend the Alice in Wonderland Tea Party at Grand Floridian 1900 Fare, and Mary Poppins breakfast with Characters at 1900 Fare! HIGHLY recommend visiting your favorite parks on Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday.

Nov 06, 2013 First time with 7 and 10 year old – Jersey week
by: Jim Matthews It’s not a “cultural difference” when a wannabe statge Mom with an inflated sense of entitlement pushes other children out of the way.

Nor is it a “sensibility viewpoint” when adults, unencumbered by children shove to the front of the line. If I had packed a cattle prod – I would have used it.

Packing children over the age of eight into a stroller isn’t an “accomodation” when it’s used as a plow. Half of the crowding would vanish if the land yacht sized strollers designed for running the Paris-Dakkar rally through the Serengeti were banned.

Jersey week is no longer a myth.


The Villas at the Wilderness lodge are worth the premium cost. They’re genuinely quiet and well appointed. The pools are amenities are often overlooked, as many are frantic to “make memories”.

If you are given the come-on to join the Disney Vacation Club, with the promise of a 40 minute pitch – that’s how long the bus ride takes.

They’re attempting to capitalize on your enthusiasm – not surprising that most of their tours are set up at the kiosk near bars.

Shop around, RENT – DO NOT BUY – housing.
There’s lots of it and a good agent will find some. Ours included a comprehensive meal plan that exceeded $1100 value for the week – and were not disappointed.

The one thing that I can say Disney has improved
is their commissary and upscale dining.

Those are on par with what you’ll find most anywhere, and it’s better than it has to be.

Bus rides are interminable, follow random routes and there’s no way to know when one is coming.

Use the boats, where possible – they’re faster.

Find out when the Jersey schools are on break, and try to book around that. I did not have any unpleasant interaction with people from outside the US. The Jersey crowd was another matter.

I live just outside Boston and Providence, rude
is something we swim in. I would rather not set myself up to deal with that, on vacation.

Thank you very little.

Westport, MA


Nov 04, 2013 Jersey. crowds
by: Anonymous However from my experience, Bunnys comment is accurate. For those not from the northeast, the (let’s call it) slight cultural differences you may experience from the Jersey crowd can be off-puting.

Oct 24, 2013 Can do without the NJ insults
by: Anonymous WOW, really disappointed in the rude comments about “people from this area” Bunny! We could all do without comments like that., especially when we are talking about such a happy place. What a shame.

Apr 01, 2013 Jersey week
by: WV Mommy We went the week of jersey week as well and had a great time. The whole week the most we ever stood in line was 10 minutes. The most crowded park was epcot(but my kids weren’t into the world showcase anyway) and then we were able to go to the MVMCP on Friday eve and that was more crowded than when we actually went to magic kingdom(wednesday).

I am actually starting to work on dates for our 2014 trip and plan on going in that very same timeframe again. If i could upload a photo i would show you my kids in front of the castle with NO ONE else in the picture! People ask all the time how I was able to do that because theirs are full of random strangers. Lol! However we went early and rode all the “big ticket” rides first. We did this all withOUT using a fastpass at all the whole week. 🙂

Feb 15, 2013 November crowds
by: Anonymous For 10 years we have been going every other year over the 11th holiday and this year it was the worst. It was the end of the Food & Wine Festival, a midnight road race, the start of the Xmas lights at Hollywood Studios, a golf tournament and Jersey Week.(Sandy did not stop them & the draw was the Cake Boss at EPCOT) EPCOT was the worst on the weekend with locals coming for the end of F&W. And the resorts indicated they were waiting on Christmas decorations for the end of F & W. Bus trips to Downtown and Magic were twice as long. A week later would be the best as that weekend turned into the perfect storm of crowds.

Jan 09, 2013 Jersey Week – Not Too Bad
by: Bunny Dont be scared, Jersey week is fine. The worst we encountered was the attitude, abrasiveness and agressiveness of the people from this area. The crowds were VERY LOW.

Jan 08, 2013 November crowds…boo, hiss…
by: susan lawless We were there Nov 1-10 2012. Most crowded ever, and we usually go around this same time. Rude people, really rude, especially at the MVMCP…hmm, isnt Christmas supposed to bring out the BEST in people? Seems like even the cast members were less enthused to be there. I am going again in the fall, but going to try an October week. I hate to say it, but if that isnt a good time, I may not go again. (looks sad, lower lip trembles.)

Jan 06, 2013 Jersey week was packed
by: John Took my family to WDW 11-2-2012 / 11-10-2012 and all the parks were packed. Not only with the folks from NJ but from all over the world (UK, Brazil, etc.).

We typically go in October or the 2nd week in January and were not used to the massive crowds, including a lot of scooters with over sized people and strollers. The scooter and stroller people seem to use them as battering rams while pushing through the enormous crowds. Lines for rides were typically 30 – 90 minute wait times.

An employee there told me it seems WDW is crowded all the time and the days of off time are virtually non existent anymore. It seems everybody looks for a low time so there isn’t anymore low time. After almost 30 years of visiting WDW I think this was my last. Over crowded, long lines, rude people, most rides are still the same and over priced. If you go have fun (if you can) but this is my opinion.

Dec 13, 2012 Crowds Higher than expected
by: Tiffany Definitely was busier than expected. And there were so many people from Jersey! Definitely lived up to it’s name of Jersey Week.

I’ve been spoiled by always visiting with light crowds. So I wouldn’t do this week again.

Nov 12, 2012 Jersey week
by: Twin Dad I just got back from jersey week at wdw (11/3 thru 11/10 and I must say that I was shocked at how crowded the magic kingdom was! It felt like we where there in the middle of July, all I can say is thank goodness for FAST PASS! The only reason we went this time of the year is because we read that the crowds are light, but I guess everybody else heard about that also. I even heard one of the guys that work at the monorail station say how surprised he was about the number of visitors that day(11-8-12).

Aug 15, 2012 Jersey week
by: Histosue from NJ I have gone during Jersey week before and I do not think it is just crazy because of jersey week but it usually coincides with the food and wine festival. Just the same plan you day and you will be fine, use fast pass.

May 20, 2012 real question
by: Anonymous The real question is whether or not Snookie or any Jersey housewives will be there….

May 08, 2012 The dreaded “Jersey week”
by: susan I am sooo glad to hear this!!!! another website predicts a terrible time during “Jersey week”, and I was considering paying the extra money to rebook airfare and change my reservation. I will let you know what I found after attending during that week!

Nov 14, 2011 Jersey Week Crowds
by: Buzz Hi Dad. Please tell all of your readers the truth about Jersey Week. This is one of the worst weeks to visit WDW. It is so overly crowded when the Jerseyites take over, that there is no room for anyone else.

Please warn everyone that isn’t from New Jersey to stay away from the parks. This way I can continue to enjoy the low crowds and have a wonderful time each year.

Thank you.
Buzz from NJ


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  1. Jersey week is real!! We went in 2018 November 7-12, and it was crazy. The worst day was November 10 since there was no Christmas party that night. I had never seen Magic Kingdom so crowded, It’s A Small World had a 50 minute wait! We stayed at Art of Animation and one night had to wait over an hour to get on a bus. If you have to go this week I would not recommend staying at a value resort.

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