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November Disney World Crowds


The November Disney World crowds range from light to outrageous. You just have to figure out which applies to the time you want to go. November is a time of transformation for Walt Disney World. The month starts with Halloween still in full force, then magically, the whole resort changes and turns into a beautiful Christmas wonderland. Santa would be proud.


What a great picture - photo by Andy Sanchez


November is a truly magical month at Disney World. In November, a huge, magical transormation happens almost overnight. At the Magic Kingdom it's truly unbelievable The park goes from ghosts and goblins to Santa and Christmas almost overnight. The rest of the "World" put on their best Christmas finery for a celebration of the season.



November Disney World Crowd Calendar


Dad's Crowd Calendar Disclaimer


This calendar is based on historical facts, as I know them today. The Walt Disney World Resort is an ever-changing environment and you might find things significantly different from below.


(There, Mr. Dad's lawyer, are you happy?)


Jersey Week

Every year I get several questions about Jersey week at Walt Disney World. What is it? When is it? How does it effect the November Disney World Crowds? So, being an ever so helpful Dad, I decided to package all the questions and answers into one page and put the Jersey Week question to rest in one fail swoop.

Dad's Jersey Week page

Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving Week is the busiest week in Novemeber when it comes to the guests that visit WDW. Like most holidays, when schools are out, familes rush to Disney World. The good thing about Thanksgiving week is after the big day the crowds start going home rapidly. So rapidly that the week after Thanksgiving wins.


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How to avoid Disney World Crowds

Dad is the master when it comes to knowing how to avoid the crowds that come to WDW during the year. Come over to the crowds page to see all of his suggestions and tips.

Dad's Disney World Crowds page

The Complete Crowd picture

For a look at all possible information you could need to know for your perfect Disney World vacation, you need a little help. Yes, Dad is full of information, but he doesn't have it all. That's why Dad recommends, that and the fact that they pay me. has everything you need to know to avoid November Disney World Crowds. They have a calendar that shows everything going on every day. From the shows to the park hours to even recommendations about which park will be the busiest and which will have the smallest crowds. Touringplans "Lines" app for your smart phone will give you up to the minute information on the lines at each ride in each park. It's amazing.

Dad's page

Ask Dad

If you have any questions about November, or any other time of the year at Walt Disney World ask Dad. Dad knows Disney World. He'll be happy to answer any question you might have.

Dad's Ask Dad page


Dad's Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning

Dad's Bottom Line

Disney doesn't really celebrate Thanksgiving. They go from Halloween right to Christmas. But November is still a great time to visit. The parks are beautiful, the hotels are magical and for the most part crowds are manageable.