November Disney World Discounts

November Disney World Discounts

by Rhonda
(Barboursville, WV)

We plan on goin to Disney in November. How soon will they publish discounts for that time?


Christmas starts in November

The Christmas tree at the Boardwalk Resort at Disney World

Photo by Tom Bricker

Dad's patience, young one, patience Answer

Hi Rhonda,

Its always hard to say when discounts for Walt Disney World will be announced, or what the details will be. But the folks at Disney are pretty consistent, so fans who follow their every move closely can make pretty good guesses as to the ballpark the discounts will play in. Lucky for you, Dad’s here to share his predictions for fall 2013 discounts.

To be clear, Dad doesn’t have any insider information. Dad doesn’t work for the Walt Disney Company, or ay of it’s affiliates, and he never has. Sometimes Dad’s guesses are pretty accurate, and sometimes they’re a little off. (Like the declaring Free Dining Dead two years ago. I was finally right this year.) It’s all part of the fun here at Dad’s Guide.

In all seriousness, my bet for when the fall 2013 discounts to be announced would fall mid-summer. Last year the fall discounts were announced in mid-July, and Disney typically announces promotions and discounts in blocks of a few months at a time, 1-4 months prior to the dates they are being offered for.

If you think about it, it’s pretty clever for Disney to wait to announce their discounts until they have a good sense of how many non-discounted vacation packages they’ve sold – that way they can make the discount bigger if they need to fill up the reservations, or smaller if they’re already pretty full.

I can’t tell you with absolute certainty what the fall 2013 discounts will be, but in Dad’s experience the discounts in the fall are never as good as the discounts in the spring. Since the promotions being offered this spring are for up to 30% off, that’s really the best you can hope for, and you’ll likely see a smaller promotion in the fall. There’s always the possibility you’ll be sent one of those cool PIN codes, but you can’t count on that.

As for the most popular Walt Disney World promotion in recent years, Dad’s here to tell you once again that Free Dining is dead. D-E-A-D, dead.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Rhonda, patience, yes patience. The discounts will be announced sometime before November, but go ahead and make your reservations now. All will work out.

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