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October and EPCOT


Hi! We would like to visit WDW at a time our kids have at least a few days off school, so we don’t have to pull them out for a week again. Looking at October. We don’t have much interest in the Food & Wine Festival, although we would like to spend 1-2 days at EPCOT since we have never been to that park before.


Are the crowds there really bad? So bad that we would be better off going in March over Spring Break?? 🙂 We are looking at staying at either the Boardwalk Inn or Beach Club. I’m assuming weekends are worse, so we would avoid going to EPCOT on Fri, Sat or Sun – but how is it during the week? Thanks so much!



Spaceship Earth at EPCOT in October is a great place to be

EPCOT is beautiful in October or anytime of the year Photo by Express Monorail


Dad’s October Answer


Dad loves EPCOT – it’s has the best food to be found at Walt Disney World, some really great attractions and shows, and it showcases new technology and world culture all in one not-so-little park.


Dad’s EPCOT Page


EPCOT is the last Disney theme park Uncle Walt himself worked on, and though things have changed a bit, the folks at Disney must be doing something right because EPCOT is the second busiest theme park in the world! That does mean that there will be crowds at any time of year, but you’ve come to the right place because Dad is an expert at avoiding crowds.


Dad’s EPCOT Crowds Page


As a fellow parent, I understand wanting to limit the time you’ll need to pull the kids out of school. When the Princess and the Man-Child were younger, we loved to leave on the last day of school before Christmas and head for a few days to Walt Disney World, avoiding crowds as much as possible.


In your case, avoiding crowds will be easy when it comes down to selecting what time of year to go. March is super busy, and while it’s great that you won’t have to pull the kids out of school, tens of thousands of other families will have the same idea. Plus it’s the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Show and the Atlanta Braves will be in spring training at the ESPN Wide World of Sports.


Dad’s March Crowds Page


October on the other hand, is one of the best times of years to visit, and the low crowd levels will mean you can see more of EPCOT and the other parks in less time. Less time means less days off school, and if you plan your trip with a weekend in the middle, the kids will only miss a couple days of classes.


Dad’s October Crowds Page


It’s true that the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival will be happening in October, but if possible, simply plan your EPCOT days to avoid Friday, Saturday, and Sunday when there will be more locals in attendance, driving crowd levels up. The whole month is a great time to visit, but Dad recommends the third weekend in October 2012 as the best time to visit.


The good folks over at can help you figure out the optimal time to visit each park, including crowd information, park hours, show times, and even will tell you how long the lines are in real time. You need to go on over there now and get you a subscription. Trust me.


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Dad’s Bottom Line


October is a swell time of year to visit Walt Disney World. The crowds are low, the temperature is warm (but not too warm), and there’s plenty to do. EPCOT is a blast at this time of year!


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