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October or November trip

by Ryan


Hi Dad- First off I love the site. It’s the first place I go when I am curious about something Disney that I don’t know the answer to. I usually do a good job on my own planning, but I am stumped over two specific weeks to travel. We went last year end of November to beginning of December and it was a mob-scene!


Would you suggest going October 8th-15th and deal with Columbus day crowds, or November 5th-12th and deal with Jersey week and Veterans day? We are mostly concerned about the crowds. I’d love to go on a different week but work schedule doesn’t permit that. Thanks!

You can see the Halloween Decorations at the Magic Kingdom during an

Halloween is in both October and November Photo by Kevin Eddy



Dad’s Halloween vs. Christmas Answer



Thanks for the kind words about the site and keep coming back often.


The difference between early October and early November is whether you prefer Halloween or Christmas. Crowds will be virtually the same. Looking at the crowd levels are not much different. I wouldn’t worry a lot about Jersey Week. It’s not a big factor. (Dad talks about Jersey Week.)


Dad's October 2020 Disney World Crowd Calendar    Dad's November 2020 Disney World Crowd Calendar

Dad’s October Disney World Crowds page
Dad’s November Disney World crowds page

It really boils down to which do you want to see. Disney World decorated for Halloween or Disney World decorated for Christmas.


In October Disney’s International Food and Wine Festival will be in full swing at EPCOT. In the Magic Kingdom, Mickey’s No So Scary Halloween Party will happen several times per week and the park will be at it’s spookiest.


In November, Christmas at Disney World will be busting out all over. Everywhere you look it will be full of holiday cheer.


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Dad’s Bottom Line


It really boils down to a choice between food and wine with Halloween or a Christmas extravaganza. It’s as simple as that.


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