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‘Ohana breakfast and dinner

by Amanda

I see on your page that you love ‘Ohana. 🙂 We are considering doing both the “Ohana breakfast and dinner, but I want to make sure they are two totally different experiences.

We have 3 young kids and they are really looking forward to the breakfast. Now, looking at the dinner menu, it looks so good! My question is: Do they do different activities with the kids (breakfast vs dinner) or is it the same thing. We are paying OOP, so I just want to make sure we get different dining experiences. Or should we do one this trip and the other the next? Thanks!

Dad’s totally and completely different Answer


The ‘Ohana breakfast and dinner experience are totally different. In the mornings, you have the characters that go from table to table and the only games are character led dances. In the evenings the games for the kids include hula hoops and coconut races. In the mornings, you get food out of a big wok. In the evening, your food gets fired up right in front of you and is served on big skewers. In the morning you get bacon and eggs and waffles and such, in the evenings you get copious quantities of meat and stuff and fabulous dessert.

The only caution I’d have is don’t do dinner on one day, and breakfast on the next. Dad made that kind of mistake once. (Dad’s ‘Ohana dinner and breakfast mistake)

Let me know how it works out.

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