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Old Key West vs. All Star Resort

by Laura C
(Madison, WI)

We are traveling to WDW in October with our 4 1/2 yo daughter and 9 mo son. In order to not be forced to sleep at 7pm with the baby, we are considering either an All Star Music Suite or a 1 BR Villa at Old Key West. The price difference is about $100/night. Is OKW worth the extra $500+?

Dad’s it just might be Answer


Thanks for a great question on comparing the Old Key West and the All Star Music Resort. This is one of those, it kinda depends on what’s important to you answers.

The main reason to stay in the All Star Music Family Suite is, it’s cheaper. That’s a fact. $500.00 will buy a lot of groceries (or souvenirs or plane tickets or …).
Both Resorts are a little removed from the parks and will require some transportation to get around. Now let’s talk about the differences.

In the Old Key West 1 bedroom, you get a full kitchen with a stove, a full sized refrigerator (with freezer), a real table and chairs, and a sofa, a love seat, a recliner blah, blah, blah. The main thing you get in a one-bedroom villa at the Old Key West, that you don’t get in the All Star Resort is a washer and dryer. (Might come in real handy with a young-un and an infant.)

Dad’s Bottom Line

Laura, here’s the big reason I would prefer the Old Key West over the All Stars for you, the Old Key West is much quieter. The All Stars is usually pretty noisy, with kids and people rushing up and down the corridors. The Old Key West is very serene and quiet. It’s a great place to let kids take naps and put them down for early bedtimes.

Comments for Old Key West vs. All Star Resort

Aug 27, 2010

Transportation – Old Key West vs. All Star Music

by: Dad

Transportation will be by bus for both, but there is a huge difference between the two. The buses for the All Star Resorts are usually packed. (There are 3 All Star Resorts that usually share buses and each has 1800 rooms and only 1 bus stop each.)

There are only 700 or so rooms at the Old Key West which are serviced by 5 different bus stops.

Yes, the All Stars will have more frequent bus comings and goings, but if transportation is the deciding factor, Old Key West wins hands down.

Aug 27, 2010

Is there a difference in transportation?

by: Laura

Our main reason for considering these two resorys is having a separate bedroom (otherwise we would prefer to be on monorail for ease of getting around!)

Will one reort offer us more frequent or less crowded buses? We are not planning to have a car.

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