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Old one day ticket upgrade and MyDisneyExperience App

Hi – I have a question about making FastPass reservations.  I have some 1-day Park Hopper Passes that do not expire.  If I assign one to my brother and then make FastPass plans but then he decides to buy 2 day tickets at Disney can we add his new tickets to the Disney App and then reassign the 1-day Park Hopper to myself.  Would he lose the FastPass plans?

Dad Answers

MagicBands ready to be used with MyDIsneyExperience

MagicBands and MyDisneyExperience go hand in hand – Photo by Courtney Reynolds




Wow, what an interesting question. Pretty complicated. I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer it, but I’ll give is the old college try.


OK, let’s do some figuring.

Basic Logic


If you assign a ticket to your brothers account then make FastPass reservations for a select day, those reservations will be in his My Disney Experience (MDE) account. So far so good.


So, now you add a second ticket to MDE, then remove the first ticket, logically the FastPass reservations would stay.


Be Ready For…


Logically. Disney’s websites don’t always work logically, so here’s what I would do. I would be sure to ASK THE TICKET AGENT when I purchased the second ticket and be ready to lose the FastPasses. Yes, I said be ready to lose the FastPasses.


Which means, make a printed copy of the FastPass page, or keep each FastPass reservation handy. If they get lost, go over to Guest Relations and see if they can help.

Dad’s My Disney Experience page

Dad’s Bottom Line

First let me say, in the immortal words of the old Chiffon commercial, “Don’t mess with Mother Nature”, or in this case My Disney Experience. I would be very wary of this.


It all looks good on paper, there is no guarantee that it will work. Be sure that you have as much documentation as possible incase anything goes wrong and know that if it does, there’s a good chance the “good” FastPasses will not be recoverable.


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