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One night hotel near Walt Disney World


Hi Dad! Love your site!


Planning a trip in October 2011. Reservations are booked for the Coronado for family of 4 (age 6 & 4). I was just looking at flights and it is much cheaper if we fly in Friday night. Do you have a recommendation for a one-night hotel near Walt Disney World? Nothing fancy but enjoyable.


Dad recommends one of the value resorts like the brand new Art of Animation hotel for a one night hotel near Disney World

One night hotel near Disney World Photo by BestofWDW

Dad’s Surprise, Surprise, Surprise Answer


This one is going to shock you. Are you ready? You sure your ready for this?


Here’s what I recommend for a one night hotel near Walt Disney World. I recommend one of the Disney World Value Resorts. Told you. Surprise!


Now, don’t go saying, Come on Dad, get real. I’m being serious. Sure I could recommend one of the hotels I’ve never even stepped foot in close to Disney World or even one of the hotels, like Motel 6 or the Embassy Suites in Lake Buena Vista where I have stayed. But, I don’t want to do that. Here’s why …


If you stay in one of the Value Resorts, you can use Disney’s Magical Express to get you from the airport to the hotel. That could save you cab fare, shuttle fare or even having to rent a car.


The big reason I say this is not so much the transportation, but it’s the first day. Checking out of an outside hotel, going to the new hotel and checking in is a hassle. It’s a hassle at Disney World too, but just not as big of a hassle. (And you could get one of the great omelets at Everything Pop in the Pop Century)


If you’re already in a Disney Hotel, you can just take your bags to the bell service desk and let them know what hotel you are transferring too. They will then take your bags and deposit them in your new room at your new hotel even if you are not there. Magic.


Yes, you will still have to go to the new hotel and check in, but it’s much easier to already be in the Walt Disney World complex than driving in from Lake Buena Vista or Kissimmee or even Orlando.


Dad’s Disney World Value Resorts page


As to hotels around the entrance, I really don’t have any favorites. I stayed in the Embassy Suites and was disappointed. We’ve stayed at Motel 6 before (but that was 15 or more years ago and I’m not even sure that hotel is still there) and it was fine. There are probably good hotels near Disney World that would work just fine, but I’m just not familiar with them. (YET.)

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Dad’s Bottom Line


You could take your chances on hotels around Disney World, but, if you want a sure deal, stick with one of the Value Resorts for a one night hotel near Walt Disney World.


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Jul 29, 2011 Dad has great advice!
by: Anonymous We always do one nights at a value. Just too easy, and you know what you are getting. And magical express is another perk!

Jul 24, 2011 Dad is right !!!!!!!!
by: carrie I asked the same question of Dad last year and his answer was the same. However,sadly I did not take Dads advice.

Don’t worry Dad I am truly sorry for not listening and will never make that mistake again. I booked a hotel off Disney property and with the cost of a cab to get to the hotel the first night and to our Disney hotel the first day we might as well have added on a night and stayed on property to save ourselves quite a bit of money. Not to mention how much more fun it is to stay on property! Please listen to Dad. He really does know what he is talking about!!

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