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One room, two people, different length of stay.

by Susan

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“I have planned a WDW vacation and made my room reservation.

If my husband can come in the middle of my vacation; can I add him to my room?

Does he have to pay for the full 5 days for dining and park ticket prices if he can only stay 3 days?

Thank you.
Susan Wagner”

Yes He Can


It’s no problem for your husband to join you in the middle of the week. He can even get his own park ticket for the length of time he’ll be there. That’s not a problem.

Disney Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan is a problem though. (By the way I’m not a fan of the Disney Dining Plan for reasons just like this.)

Everyone listed on the reservation MUST be on the Disney Dining Plan for the length of the stay. He will have to pay for the dining plan for the whole stay if you list him on the reservation. There’s no reason you have to list him on the reservation (except to get his Magic Band/ticket to open the door).

Just don’t add the Disney Dining Plan to your reservation and all is fine.

They Know

You should go over and let my partners at Destinations to Travel give you a hand. They know things like this and will help you find the right answers. Just go to my Destinations to Travel page and fill out the form at the bottom and “your new best friend” will contact you shortly.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Sue, you can bring your husband later, no problems except that pesky Disney Dining Plan. Skip that and all will be fine.


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