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Online tickets from the Official Ticket Center?

by Cecy
(Monterrey, México )

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Hi Dad, we are traveling from Mexico next week for a 7 day trip (first and last day only traveling), and I still haven’t purshased the tickets, I thought I should buy a 4 day-Magic your way ticket once we arrived but I checked the Official Ticket Center you recommend and see there are 4 day plus 1 free day tickets for a cheaper price.

I’m a little wary of buying online but it is a really good deal, my question is if I buy online where can I redeem the tickets? What about the magic band? Would I still be able to get it? Is there any guarantee or should I get the tickets at the gate instead?

Thank you for all your help, you have helped me a lot.

The Official Ticket Center Logo

Dad’s here’s how it works Answer


Congratulations. You are going to have a great trip.

The Official Ticket Center is an online seller of Disney Tickets. They are totally authorized to sell tickets by Disney and all the other attractions in the Orlando area.

They are also a “brick and mortar” business. You can actually go to their office. It’s about a mile from Walt Disney World, right down Vineland Avenue (one of the roads that borders WDW. (Their address is 3148 Vineland Ave. It’s right on the corner.)

You can get your tickets in several ways. They can be sent to you (probably a little late for that) or you can pick them up at the Official Ticket Center office or they will even deliver them to your hotel.

Once you have your tickets, you can link them to your Magic Bands, or go to a Disney Customer Service location and have them do it. You can even go to the Official Ticket Center office and they will do it for you.

I know purchasing online can be a nerve wracking experience, but this one is a very, very stable business. They have sold Disney Tickets from their current location for over 10 years. I’ve been to their office several times. I’ve met with the owners. They are good people and will take care of you.

Dad’s Official Ticket Center page

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Cecy, this is one of those times when I usually say Trust Me. I know that can be hard, but on this one, I can truly say Trust Me! The Official Ticket Center is the number 1 Disney Authorized Ticket Reseller in the world. You can trust them. (Oh, and you can trust Dad too.)

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