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Osborne Family Lights TIme

by Tina
(Way south)


Hey Dad
The only reference to the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney Hollywood Studios turn on time is twilight. Is there an actually time range to start hanging around the area in the hope that we will be there when they turn on the lights? Seemingly there is a big crush around that time so if you are not in place it is hard to get in place.
I know you can help.


The Osborne Family Lights show starts at dusk

Osborne Family Lights starts at … Photo by Samantha Decker

Dad’s get there early Answer


Hi Tina, how’s my favorite Aussie?


The starting time for the Osborne Family Lights show (better know as the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights) is tied to sunset. Sunset time is approximately 5:30 pm for both November and December. (The earliest sunset is 5:28 and the latest is 5:37.) You can get the sunrise/sunset times by clicking here.


I would recommend you either get in line real early (like before 5 pm) or wait until after 7 pm if you are going at a moderately busy time of year. If you are going during a slower time you might avoid the crush. During Christmas week at Disney World it’s very hard to avoid the crowds.

Dad’s Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights page


Crowds are usually biggest right when the show starts. Getting in can be real difficult. Another factor is what time the park closes. On days when Disney Hollywood Studios closes at 8:00 or later, you can miss the opening and come later in the evening (depending on when you are planning to see Fantasmic!). On days when the park closes at 7:00 or earlier, you can expect to be in a crush.


A good place to find projected crowd levels and park hours all in one place is They have all the information you need right in one place.


Dad’s Bottom Line


Tina, you shouldn’t be crushed (I’d be crushed if you were. Ha Ha.) trying to get in the the Osborne Family Lights show. If, during the day, you notice huge crowds at Disney Hollywood Studios, get in line early. If the crowds are small don’t worry too much.


Walt Disney World home page Disney Hollywood Studios page Disney World Parks page

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Oct 23, 2011 Thanks again
by: Tina Thanks for that information about twilight. I will get to see them both at turn on and then later. I knew you would know.

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