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Mrs. Mom and her new Magical Fanny Pack

Our first purchase on the Palooza

Hello. Dad is not back home yet, but I thought I’d jump in here and talk about what happened the first hour of the first day of the Palooza. Yes, the first hour of the first day.

Mrs. Mom got fanny pack envy. It was funny.

Yes, Mrs. Mom loves her Magical Fanny Pack. She has carried it to Walt Disney World for I don’t know how many years. It has been a truly magical thing, Mrs. Mom’s Magical Family Pack. But I digress. (I do that a lot don’t I?)

So, what happened the first thing when we got on the first bus at Walt Disney World? There was a nice lady sitting on the bus next to us. She was wearing a fanny pack and Mrs. Mom went crazy. The lady was wearing the Cadillac of Fanny Packs and Mrs. Mom had to have one. It was a luxury model, it was both streamlined and massive. It could hold a family of 5 it was so big.

So guess what the first thing we bought at Disney World was? That’s right it was a new Magical Fanny Pack (after the old one failed me a couple of times.)

Mrs. Mom and her new Magical Fanny Pack

Mrs. Mom and her new Magical Fanny pack

I’ve got to say, it was sad to see the old Magical Fanny Pack go away, but the new Luxury Magical Fanny Pack has been a great purchase.

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