Our Travel Agent says ...

Our Travel Agent says ...

Our travel agent is booking our vacation for April 3 to April 7th. Our children are ages 6 and 4. Looking at your calender it appears this is a very busy time. Our Travel Agent says the opposite. Please confirm. Thank in advance.

Dad's trust me Answer

Don't you just hate it when you absolutely know something to be true and someone comes up to you and says ... That's not right, (insert name here) told me that ... and you just have to smile and grit (or if your like me grind) your teeth and say, yeah, maybe (insert name here) is right, I have no clue what I'm talking about.

It just makes me want to scream TRUST ME!!!!!
Sorry, but I just had to get that off my chest.

My April Disney World Crowds page says crowds during early April will be "wall-to-wall". It says that waits of 1 hour will be common and waits on the big rides of 2-3 hours are possible. In the immortal words or Jimmy Buffet - "That's my story and I'm stickin' to it."

Dad's April Disney World Crowds page

No, April crowds will not rival Christmas crowds, but it won't be near as slow as in January and February. Most days in April will be about like a summer day crowd wise.

Look at it this way, in the US, from mid-March to late April (and even early May this year with Easter being so late) schools take spring breaks. Disney World is one of the top family spring break destinations in the US. So, yes Disney World will be crowded during spring break.

Now, does that mean you shouldn't go? No, absolutely not. If you only went to Disney World when the crowds were light, you'd be limited to about 3 months per year to choose from. Besides, Disney does special things when they have big crowds.

Another good way to judge crowd levels is to look at the hours the parks will be open. (Just don't look at Epcot, it closes at the same time year around.) If the Magic Kingdom closes after 9pm, Disney is expecting crowds. If Disney Hollywood Studios closes after 7:00pm, you can expect big crowds. If Animal Kingdom closes after 5:00 pm, you can expect big crowds. All of that is true for April 3 through 7.

Dad's Bottom Line

When I hear someone say "Our Travel Agent says..." I cringe. I became a travel agent (part time) a long time ago, because I knew more about Disney World packages than my travel agent did.

You may have the worlds best travel agent, but if they sell anything other than Disney, they don't have time to keep up with everything Disney. But then that's why Dad is here.

The Bottom Line is - Trust Me ... Dad knows Disney World.

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