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Overnight Parking at the Transportation and Ticket Center


by Sarah


“Are you allowed to leave a car overnight at the Transportation and Ticket Center? My niece who lives in Florida is meeting us at Disney and going to spend the night with us. I’m trying to find a place where she can leave her car without it being towed. Thank you.”


The bridge from the Magic Kingdom Parking lot to the Transportation and Ticket Center

The bridge between the Magic Kingdom parking lot and the Transportation and Ticket Center – Photo by Laurie Sapp


Hi Sara. That’s a pretty good question.


I would not leave it at the Transportation and Ticket Center. That’s not a good idea. Will it get towed there? I don’t know.


If you’re staying at a Disney hotel, I would suggest she meet you there. All she has to do is tell you the guard that she’s coming to see you or she’s coming to a restaurant or something and she can go in and park right at the hotel.


Dad’s Disney Hotels page


In fact, when you check in, you can get a parking pass for her. Just tell them at the front desk that you’ve got a car when you check in and that you need to get a parking pass. They’ll give you a parking pass that you can put in that car. Then she can just park in the hotel parking lot. Simple.


You don’t have to worry about it getting towed and you can also take it to a park and park in the parking lots for free. Park it at your hotel where it’s close to your room and there’s just no reason to do anything else. If you’re staying offsite, she can just come to the hotel and meet you there.



Dad’s Bottom Line

I would not park in any of the theme park parking lots overnight. I don’t know that Disney tows cars but I know they have lots of security and it would not be a good thing to leave your car at the Transportation and Ticket Center overnight. The hotel is the place to park it, especially if she’s going to spend the night with you.


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disney world parks


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disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



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