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Overwhelmed with Disney Planning can you help?


by Lauren Herrera
(Fort Worth, Texas)

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All right, so let’s go. Let’s see what’s next. Third, third thing. Now you’ve got a place to stay, you’ve decided where you’re going to stay, you’ve decided where you’re going to go. Stop. Relax. Throw a party. YOU’RE GONIG TO DISNEY WORLD!!!!! it’s party time. Every time you do a little bit of work have a party. You don’t have to stress over this (Disney vacation). Relax, make it Fun. It is FUN! Make the planning Fun. Bring the kids in, bring the hubby in. Get everybody involved. Plan together, make this a family event.


You’ve got your place, when you’re going, got your place to stay, you’ve had your parties so I’m going to tell you a secret right now. This is the thing that’s going to help you the most of anything I could tell you, today or as soon as you’ve made a final decision about going, you don’t even have to know when but as soon as you’ve made a final decision about going get in touch with our partners over at Destination and Travel.


I know, shameless plug commercial, whatever you want to call it but trust me. Destinations To Travel, my partner Shannon and her crew over there at Destinations to Travel, you Lauren, are who needs Destinations To Travel. They will walk you step by step through all of these things. Through the hotels, through the dining, through the discounts, they’ll even watch, monitor your reservations. If a discount comes out they’ll automatically apply it.


Dad’s Destinations to Travel page


You need to go as soon as you’ve made a commitment and get in touch with Destinations to Travel. They’ll get in touch with you, you’ll fill out the form at the bottom of the page, tell them when you want to go, maybe a little bit of information. It doesn’t have to be exact. Don’t stress. They can work (with you), they can help you. Tell them right up front, you need help. Believe me they’ll be right there to help you. They’ll help you with everything that you need. You will be in good hands with Destinations To Travel. They’ll help you get your tickets. Tickets aren’t that hard. There are some options, it sometimes depends on the discounts, so they’ll walk you through all of that.


They’ll help you with making your dining reservations. What’s called ADR’s. Advance Dining Reservations, they’ll help you make those. They’ll actually make them for you. They’ll help you plan all of that stuff. They’ll walk you through the Disney dining plan options. You might not want the dining plan. It might not fit for your family but they’ll walk you through that whether you get a dining plan or not. That’s what they do. They take care of you. They’re my partners, I work with them everyday. I talk to Shannon everyday. I work with her agents. We work together on making sure we take great care of you, Lauren.


They will take great care of you. If they don’t you tell me about it and I’ll go knock them on the head. That’s my passion and that’s why I’m working with them is because they do take great care of the people I send to. That’s just very important to me, that that happens. They take care of you. They’ll take care of you, they’ll take care of your reservations, they’ll get you set up.



Dad’s Bottom Line

Again, whether it’s me, whether it’s somebody else, find somebody, listen to them. Don’t listen to uncle Joe, don’t listen to aunt Jane. You’re the one that’s important. This is about you and your family. You’re the one that’s going to Disney World. That’s fun. Relax. As Faith would say, “just breathe.”


(Faith Hill singing I Can Hear You Breathe…) “JUST BREATHE!!!”


I shouldn’t sing when Faith is singing.


Just breathe. It’s going to be okay. Relax. It’s really not that hard. Put the blinders on, put the earplugs in and you work on your trip with me or whoever you decide to let help you. Do let Destinations To Travel help out, that would be my highest recommendation. It is find somebody you trust to help you out.


disney world parks

disney world parks


disney hotels

disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



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Jan 13, 2017 hotel choices for teachers
by: Anonymous Another option to look at is Swan and Dolphin. They offer amazing teacher/educator discounts. Just be ready to show your employee ID or some form of verification at check in. May not be quite as inexpensive as Pop Century but very close. And the location can’t be beat, especially if you love EPCOT and the Studios.

Jan 13, 2017 Dad’s right
by: Jade in IL Pop Century is great and affordable. Very fun resort! Best thing we do when we go is (even the first time, when we didn’t know we’d be back) we decided we were going to have fun for the kids. We didn’t care to count how many things we didn’t get to do but enjoyed the things we did. Just soak it all in!

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