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What to Pack for a
Walt Disney World Vacation

Ever wanted to know what to pack for a Disney World vacation? Believe it or not, this is just what started Dad's Guide to WDW. Dad got frustrated when he tried to find out if the Pop Century had a hair dryer to know whether or not to bring one from home. (Yes, they do.) So what should you take on your vacation?



I could tell you but then ... Just kidding.


I've been struggling with this page for weeks. Why? Because, who am I to tell you to pack your undies? You know that. Yes, I could make a complete packing list, but what fun would that be. You can find those anywhere. Let's talk about the unusual things you should pack for your trip.


Wonder what Mickey packs?

Mickey Mouse stepping off a train with a suitcase that says California or Bust

Photo by KerriNikolePhotography

What to Pack?

No, Dad is not going to tell you what clothes to pack for a Disney World Vacation. But I will give you just a few things we've learned through the years.

  • Bring 2 pairs of well broken-in shoes. (Yes, 2 pairs)




The Backpack

The Fanny Pack


Mickey probably packs pretty light

Mickey Mouse standing in front of his wardrobe

Photo by Nikki Wayne

Your input

Do you have some ideas that didn't make Dad's list? Let him know. Dad's already gotten lots of input and is always looking for more.


Dad's what do you pack for a Disney World Vacation page?


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Dad's Bottom Line

For a quick meal this is not the worst you'll get at Disney World. Disney World pizza is OK, but nothing special.


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