package deals and dates for MVMCP

package deals and dates for MVMCP

by Joyce
(Pascagoula, MS USA)

Have they come out with the Winter free dining plan for November 2011?

When will the dates for the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party be announced? We would like to book a tour but not on the same night of the Christmas party. These two old retired ladies couldn't take all that.

Thank you for what you do and have a great, great day.

Dad's have patience Answer

Hi, Joyce. Cleaning carpets today, not a great day, but a good day.

For almost 2 years, I wrote a trip report about a 7 day cruise to Alaska. There were over 500 regular readers and a bunch more that would bounce in and out. One of my signature lines was "Patience". That's the way it is with Disney sometimes. We all get a bit impatient.

Yes, we all are looking for free dining this fall. I expect the winter package deals to be announced around the middle of April. (Little birdie told me April 14.) Do I expect free dining? Maybe. I'm hearing rumbles that there are some "PIN" codes out there with free dining. Me, I expect to see packages similar to what's going on now. Discounts on rooms.

About the dates for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. Those are usually announced in late spring. You can pretty well bet that the parties will start around November 7 and last until December 18. Most weeks the parties will be on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. If you book your tour on Wednesday, you should be fine.

Dad's Bottom Line

You don't have to be two old retired ladies to get worn out at Disney World. I get worn out every time I go. All of us need to slow down and enjoy. Thanks again for the questions. Hope the trip goes well.

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