Packages sent to a Disney Hotel

by Jenn
(Reading, England)

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“Hi, Dad. I’m from the U.K., and recently booked two weeks stay in the Wilders Lodge for October, November 2018. After grand advice from your site, big thumbs up, thank you. If we were to buy some of the T-shirts from Celebration shirts advertised on your site, or other Disney items from non Disney companies and I had the packages sent to my Disney Hotel directly, could I pick them up during my stay. Does the hotel charge anything? In the UK, most hotels would not charge, this is a question.

I would also like to say your site has lots of helpful information and I am a big fan already. Thank you for your assistance,

Jenn, an excited returning Disney addict. Yeah, it just takes that one time.”

I agree with you Jenn, it just takes one time to get hooked on Walt Disney World.

The doorman at the Port Orleans Riverside

Pick up a package at the Port Orleans and you might just get to meet this guy – Photo by Wayne Wood

All right. Here’s what the situation is about packages. Yes, you can have packages sent to your Disney hotel. A lot of people will send things from home that they don’t want to pack in their baggage and send them ahead. I know I last couple of years, I’ve hosted parties and had things sent to Walt Disney World ahead of time and picked them up at the front desk, or had them delivered to my room. Done that for three years in a row now so, it happens. It can be done.

Dad’s Disney Hotels page

Just make sure when you have the packages addressed, you have the word “guest” on them and your name. It would be okay if you could add your reservation number and the date you are checking in but you’ve got to have “guest” and your name on them so they know that it’s for you.

Now I will say that this is not free anymore. Up until early this year Disney started a five dollar service fee for all packages for every package that is delivered either to the front desk or to your room. Even if you pick it up at the front desk, there’s a five dollar service fee for each package.

That’s not nearly as much as shipping things to the UK. Believe me I know, I ship things to the UK all the time so, it’s cheaper to get them at Disney World, but it will cost you five dollars per package.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

Jenn, yes you can have packages shipped to your Disney Hotel. It will cost you $5 per package.


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