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Packing for a December Trip to WDW

Hi to you and Mrs. Mom,

Well, the bad news is that we have to go to Disney World on the week of Christmas as it is the only time that my son and daughter-in-law can get off from work. You have probably answered this kind of question many times but here goes another for time for you to suggest clothing, I wish to have only one bag to contend with so I want to pack lightly.

I am from Texas and can be very uncomfortable in COLD weather. Thanks for your help. I am delighted to have found your web site! It is comprehensive and fun to read!

Toy Soldiers next to the Christmas Trees on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom

Notice the security guard in the coat – Photo by Tom Bricker

Dad’s Like Christmas in July Answer


Well hello to you too. Mrs. Mom says howdy (yes, she’s from Texas too)! Thanks so much for stopping in and asking such a great question about how to pack for the chilly willy month of December (just kidding, it’s Florida – it won’t be that cold). Actually, with the crowds you’ll face during Christmas week, you might actually feel like it’s a heat wave (kidding again… sort of)!

Dad’s Christmas at Disney World Page

It’s true that Christmas week is the busiest time of year to visit Walt Disney World, but the good news is that you’ll be spending the holidays with the people you love in the most magical place on earth. And frankly, Dad would take a visit during Christmas week to a less crowded day in August anytime!

The most important thing for your family will be to set your expectations – be ready to face wall-to-wall crowds that make for long lines for shows, rides, and food. Be prepared to not be able to get on every single ride or see every show. Prioritize and make a PLAN according to your family’s must-see attractions. Consider spending quality time together outside of the parks – at Disney resort hotels, Downtown Disney, and Disney’s BoardWalk.

Sorry, Dad got side tracked – back to business! When trying to pack light for a December trip to Walt Disney World, keep in mind that it will be dry and cool for Florida – temperatures will be in the mid 50’s to mid 70’s. To put that in perspective, Dallas average temperatures at the same time are from the upper 30’s to upper 50’s! For most of the country, December in Orlando is as hot as July!

To pack lightly and be able to stay comfortable during the warmer afternoons and cooler evenings, Dad suggest light layers. Jeans for the morning and evening, possibly shorts for the afternoon, and a tee-shirt for all day which you can add a long-sleeve pullover or sweatshirt to when the temperature dips.

A great way to pack lightly is to forgo all fancy clothing and bring things that are multifunctional, and easy to fold up small! Anything bulkier like a sweatshirt, consider wearing/carrying on the plane to avoid an overstuffed bag. The same goes for shoes – wear your runners on the plane and pack your flip flops!

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Dottie, don’t worry too much about the temperature. Be prepared with light layers and that should be more than enough to keep you bundled up. The only place you’ll see snow on a December trip to Walt Disney World is at Blizzard Beach – I promise.

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