Paper versus plastic... (Straws)

Paper versus plastic... (Straws)

by Betsey


"Hi Dad,

We just recently returned from our awesome WDW vacation and wonder what you are hearing about the paper straws going on at the parks.

We regularly get frozen lemonade or coca cola and the straws deteriorated within 1/3 of the beverage being consumed and we needed multiple straws to complete the drink which is incredibly wasteful.

To add insult to injury it completely detracted from the flavor of the beverages esp. the frosted lemonade.

At one point, and I cannot recall where I found plastic straws at a park and I snagged about five of them to keep in my purse and it was like finding treasure!

It was truly disappointing that the straws were thick and compromised flavor and yet also not hold up to one beverage.

We just heard that Orlando is also banning plasticware which we wonder how the resorts and parks will handle this. What are we to use? Do you know anything further or do you have any contacts out there that might be able to provide more information about this.

We are for sure wanting to help the environment but when you spend $6+ on a frozen beverage and can't enjoy it with the flavor of the paper decomposing in it while you drink...well, you get the drift...

Thanks a ton Dad!


Its Just Not RIght!


Drinking liquids through paper... Mmmm... What could go wrong with that?

I am all for taking care of the planet, but drinking anything through a paper straw is JUST NOT RIGHT. It's gross. I have never liked paper straws since my Pixie Stick days.. YUCK!

Yes, Disney has gone all in for the green revolution. The paper straw thing is a corporate decision driven from headquarters. There's not much we can do about it, except...

Wheat Buns

Several year ago, Casey's Corner changed over to wheat buns for the hot dogs. Talk about YUCK. It was even worse than paper straws.

Wheat buns at Casey's was driven by the healthy food revolution. (Disney loves following the latest hip trends.) The buns lasted 18 months or so before the outcry from everyone got so loud that Disney had to go back to white buns. (Which was a total victory for Dad.)

Yell at Disney

The best thing you can do now it to express your displeasure to Disney and ask everyone else to do it too. Write Disney, call them, email them. Let them know how they are messing with your drinking pleasure. Don't hold back.

Start a national campaign. Call Coke (I'm not kidding), tell them what Disney is doing and that it makes your Coke taste funny.

That's about all we can do in the fight to right this injustice. Shout it from the rooftops. Light the lanterns. The British are coming...

The Best of WDW - Volume 2


Dad's Bottom Line

Betsey, I'm serious about telling Disney, Coke and anyone else that will listen. The only way to fix this is to be a squeaky wheel. Let Disney know that you are not happy. They listen (sometimes). Who knows, you might be that one person to get rid of those yucky paper straws.

PS. As for that plastics ban in Orlando, it only applies to city owned properties in Orlando. We're safe, for now.



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Jul 07, 2019
Silicone straws
by: Anonymous

I hate paper straws too. So we brought our own silicone straws with us to the park and were never disappointed with the straws! Just drink water thru it after a sticky drink to clean it out. They fold up super tiny - you could even keep it in your pocket.

Jul 07, 2019
by: Kim

Can we bring our own straws into the parks to use?

Dad Answers

Yes you can. I'm planning on it this fall.

Jun 19, 2019
thanks for the answer!
by: Betsey

Thanks again, Dad. I did just write Disney and will do the same to Coca-cola.

There is nothing more disappointing than soggy paper collapsing into your frozen Coke. yuk.

I hope others feel that we can protect our planet and enjoy our beverages without compromising the reason why we buy them; flavor.

There must be a solution and I hope Disney finds it soon!

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