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Park Hopper option or extra day ticket?

by AmyM
(Boston, MA USA)

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“We’ve visited WDW 2 times in the past few years. Each time we’ve purchased the Park Hopper option. And each time I think we’ve only ‘hopped’ parks on one day. We usually spend the day at MK or AK, then dinner in EPCOT.

Instead of spending ~$320 on a park hopper for 1 day, can’t we just buy an extra days tickets, which would only cost ~$40 and use that ticket to enter the second park?”

That’s not the way it works

The ticket scanner at the Magic Kingdom

Only one park allowed – Photo by Cliff Wang


It’s a great question. I would be helpful if you could just take a second day off your ticket and enter another park. That would save a ton of money since one day in the parks costs $10 per day per person where the Park Hopper option costs $75 per person for the whole length of the trip.

But that’s not how it works.

You can only enter 1 park per day on your ticket media if you don’t have the Park Hopper option. Once that ticket media has been scanned into a park it can’t be used in another park no matter how many days is on it. You would have to use a totally different ticket.

That’s they way the system is set up. It makes sense. If you could just add days to your tickets, what would be the need for a Park Hopper option?

It’s one of the reasons I’m not a fan of Park Hopping. It’s a lot of money. I try to plan our trips so we stay in the same parks all day. Even now with our Annual Passes we do pretty much stay in the same park all day. It’s a habit.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is if you want to Park Hop, you have to get the Park Hopper option. It’s pretty much that Simple.


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