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Partying at Disney World

by Kristin
(Hartford, CT, USa)


My boyfriend and I are going to Disney World for our spring break this Sunday, I’ve been multiple times and hes never been. We plan on hitting each Disney park at least once, but what’s there to do at night?

We land the 20th at 9am and it is also his birthday that day! Where should we go? Is there any bars or night clubs or places where kids our age hang out at night for partying at Disney World? in the parks or outside of them? After many of times not being able to enjoy Pleasure Island because I was 16 and under, I was excited to go there to all the different bars and nightclubs, but they’re gone now. I need some ideas and would be so thankful for your help to make his first time Disney experience memorable (not that the parks don’t do that alone) as well as his birthday. And let’s not forget making this an awesome spring break at night without hitting South Beach.


Dad’s Dad’s a prude Answer




Wishes – Dad’s Evening Disney World Excitement

WIshes - Dad's version of partying at Disney World
Picture by Express Monorail

I’ve thought about this one for a couple of days because frankly, Dad’s a bit of a prude and proud of it. I’m probably not the best person to ask about where to party since I’ve never even had a drink in my life, ever. I’m serious. Teetotaler.

The Dad in me wants to just jump up and down and say … but I won’t. I’ll try to be somewhat serious.

Pleasure Island never really fit the image that Disney tries to present about a place where families can come and enjoy good wholesome fun. Yes, the clubs were very mild and a lot of people enjoyed them, but they just didn’t portray a family atmosphere as you found out because you’re just now old enough to go into one.

Let me be frank, (not George but frank) Disney World is not a place for carousing or partying. (Unless a party with a bunch of kiddies is your idea of fun.) There isn’t really anywhere for you to go and party with people your age. I don’t know if there is anywhere in Orlando that is a party area.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad’s idea of a party at Disney World is Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party where they serve cookies and hot chocolate. For me, the parks are exciting enough. There is nothing better than sitting in the Magic Kingdom or on the beach at the Polynesian and watching Wishes in the evening.

Like I said, I’m a bit of a prude.

Comments for Partying at Disney World

Mar 28, 2011 Adult Fun at Walt Disney World 

by: Kevin


Here’s an article with some good information about where to get adult beverages at Walt Disney World. It may help.

Orlando Sentinel article about adult beverages.

Mar 17, 2011 Boardwalk Dance Hall 

by: Dad

Someone over at the Facebook page reminded me about the Dance Hall over on the Boardwalk. I don’t know anything about it, but it is a “party” place.

Dad’s Great Facebook page


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