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Pearls from Mrs. Mom: You can never have enough pictures! Disney Memory Maker


by Dad
(The Office)

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I have always been a little bit of a skeptic when it came to Disney PhotoPass and Disney Memory Maker. Something Mrs. Mom said the other day may be changing my tune…


Dad and the family on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train from PhotoPass

The PhotoPass pictures can be pretty cool – Photo by PhotoPass


It all started the other day when Mrs. Mom came into my office all excited. She told me right up front she had a new Pearl from Mrs. Mom and I needed to listen to her. Like I don’t listen to her. Every word. Never miss a beat. What was that noise dear?


Now before we get into Mrs. Mom’s Pearls of wisdom, let’s talk about PhotoPass and Memory Maker. I think there’s some confusion on how they work.


A PhotoPass photographer holding a Boo to You poster

Special props can be fun – Photo by Wayne Wood


Disney’s PhotoPass


We have to start with PhotoPass because PhotoPass is what drives Memory Maker. PhotoPass is just the system that’s used to take the pictures. It’s the photographers, the computer system, the display, etc. It’s where the photos are created.


PhotoPass photographers are all around the parks. They are very obvious. They have a vest on, a Disney name tag and an expensive looking camera. They hang out in all the good photo spots.


You can set up a PhotoPass account and link it to your MagicBand before you go so you can get all the pictures you want.


PhotoPass is FREE!

Disney’s Memory Maker


Memory Maker is how you purchase photos. If you want to keep the photos you have to buy them. They will be available on the PhotoPass page for 45 days. If you don’t buy Memory Maker, they go away forever and can’t be retrieved.


Also the pictures in PhotoPass will be watermarked. If you buy Memory Maker you can get all of them without a watermark.


Dad’s PhotoPass and Memory Maker page


OK, enough of that. Let’s move on to Mrs. Mom’s Pearl of Wisdom!


The other day Mrs. Mom hollered at me. She does that from time to time, but this time is she was talking about this “Pearl” she had just discovered.


She started telling me a story about this family from church that the mother had died from cancer last year. I’ll spare you the details so you don’t have to grab a box of Kleenex. Let’s just say she left behind a young father with two young kids.


OK, I’m getting to it.


Mrs. Mom’s told me she was reading something the young father had just written about Christmas memories. He was talking about not having enough pictures of the mom who died because she was always the photographer. He was a little sad.


This sad story led to the pearls from Mrs. Mom. This is profound.


Are you listening?


Here we go. The Pearl from Mrs. Mom…


You can never take enough pictures. You can never have enough pictures and everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE needs to be in the pictures.


That brings me back to PhotoPass and Memory Maker. One of the great things we did on the last trip with the whole family was to get Memory Maker. We got a whole bunch of pictures and even a couple of ride videos. Pictures like this one…


Dad and The Man-Child on Buzz Lightyear

Dad is killing The Man-Child (if he remembers it differently don’t listen) – Photo by PhotoPass


Yes, for years I haven’t been on board with PhotoPass and Memory Maker. It’s pretty expensive. No, it’s really expensive, but then, so is everything at Disney World. I am starting to warm up to the idea more and more.


If you have a large family it’s a no brainer. You can link everyone together and just buy one Memory Maker. That’s what we did. We had one Memory Maker for three families. If you are going for several days it also makes sense. Memory Maker is one price whether you go for one day or 15.


You don’t even have to buy it in advance. Go ahead and register for PhotoPass. It’s FREE! When you get home or even at the parks check out your pictures and see if you want Memory Maker.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is Memory Maker or not, be sure to take LOTS and LOTS of pictures while you are at Disney World. I can’t say this enough. TAKE A LOT OF PICTURES.


And don’t let the same person be the photographer all the time. Get everyone into the pictures. You’ll thank me.


Trust me!


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the fire pit at 'Ohana



Comments for

Jul 22, 2017 it’s worth every penny
by: Anonymous Our family,10 of us,go every 2 years and the family pics we have and all of the ride pics are priceless. I take plenty but those from the memory maker I can’t toch

Dec 15, 2016 Memory Maker
by: Matthew We got memory maker for our little family of three (mom and me plus a 1 and half year old). It was great, captured all those firsts! It was cheaper for us to purcahse before the trip, not sure if that deal is still going on or not.

Dec 09, 2016 Memory Maker
by: Anonymous We just went to Disney and I made sure to get Memory Maker this time around. The last time we went we did not get it, and yes I still got great pics of my girls with characters but we only got 1 family picture which was not that great.

Having memory maker allowed me to experience the moment of meeting princesses without having to make sure my camera was on and the lens cap was off, just in time to snap a picture where my child isn’t even looking at me. We came back and I was able to download over 300 pictures, and all of them were great. So at $150 for the package, that cost me $2 a digital copy.

As a mom, that extra money is worth it, because I didn’t have to worry about capturing every moment, I let Disney do that!

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