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Pearls from Mrs. Mom: Mrs. Mom don’t cook on vacation

Mrs. Mom is something special which is probably why I married her. One of the things Mrs. Mom excels in is coming up with little snippets of wisdom. I call them Pearls from Mrs. Mom. Sometimes these Pearls are so profound I just have to share them. Sometimes they aren’t, but that’s a different story. (Check out Mrs. Mom’s Big Silver Ball Story.)

Today, I want to start sharing Pearls from Mrs. Mom. Those little snippets of wisdom that she shares with me all the time so you can get the benefit of the wisdom I’m around every day and you can see why I’m as successful as I am. (Because as Mrs. Mom is fond of telling everyone “behind every successful man is a woman keeping him in line”).

For years, lots of years, almost since it first began, Dad has wanted to join the Disney Vacation Club. Way back when Old Key West was still called the Disney Vacation Club Resort, I wanted to pluck down the $50 a point and get my vacations set for the rest of my life. But Mrs. Mom was reluctant. I let it die for a long time, but when Disney started building DVC resorts all over the park, I started harping at her again.

Wilderness Lodge

I’m going to put Wilderness Lodge pictures in here, because Mrs. Mom loves the Wilderness Lodge – by WDW Shutterbug

Every time I’d talk about all the money we’d save on meals, how we’d have all this room. How we’d could have a king bed and a jacuzzi tub. Look a full kitchen. We could fill it up with all kinds of stuff. Wouldn’t that be fun? She wasn’t budging.

I must say that we aren’t really condo people. When we go on vacation we typically stay in a hotel. We did take a trip to Branson one time and stayed in a vacation condo. It rained all week and it was miserable we came home 2 days early.

I even tried them, let her try it out in a Studio Suite to see if she’d fall in love with the DVC and we could get in that way. Didn’t work out so well. I’m not a fan of the Studios at the Bay Lake Tower. Neither is Mrs. Mom.

Mercantile, Totem Pole, Wilderness Lodge

Hey, Mrs. Mom, we could stay right here – by WDW Shuttebug

Finally, one day after I spent an hour extolling the virtues of the Disney Vacation Club, after I talked over and over about how much money we’d save on food Mrs. Mom looked at me and said, “Mrs. Mom don’t cook on vacation”. Oh, OK. Now I get it. My sale pitch all these years has just made things worse. (Can you say tone deaf?)

Mrs. Mom is a good cook. (Just look at Dad and you can probably tell.) We eat at home 5 to 6 nights every week. She loves to cook when she’s at home, but when it comes to vacations that’s her time to get away and not have to cook. So me telling her over and over, and over and over, and over and over, that we would save so much money on food by cooking on vacation just wasn’t a very good selling point.

Wilderness Lodge

Just look, Dear, it’s so beautiful – by WDW Shutterbug

It does make sense. For a homemaker who lovingly takes care of the family all the time, it’s not much of a vacation when you have to do all the same things you do at home. That’s why when we talk about DVC it’s sometimes hard for me to make a good case. If we were to buy in, she’d feel obligated to cook from time to time, we wouldn’t get daily Mousekeeping (unless we paid for it and that didn’t work so well last time). It just wouldn’t feel like a vacation to her.

OK, I’ve given up the cooking thing. I won’t try that one again, but the new Bungalows at the Polynesian are calling my name. I’ve got to find a way to convince her that we just have to have some DVC points at the Polynesian.

What do you think about cooking on vacation?

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