PhotoPass and Memory Maker

PhotoPass, PhotoPass+, Memory Maker, Dad, I’m a little confused. Can you help? You are right. PhotoPass, Memory Maker, PhotoPass+ are all terms that Disney has and currently uses for how they take pictures and videos and how you can see and buy them. Let’s dive in…

OK, so let’s talk about PhotoPass and Memory Maker. (Photopass+ is no longer used.)


PhotoPass is a service offered by Disney at all of the theme parks, waterparks, and at select resort dining or entertainment experiences. Professional photographers are stationed around the park, and you can have your photo taken by them at any time – free of charge!

When you see a photographer, you can walk right up to them and ask for your picture to be taken (sometimes there is a family or two in line already). They’ll pose you in front of a landmark or with a character, and take a few different shots.

Then, they’ll scan your MagicBand or your swipe PhotoPass Card, and off you go. If you don’t have a card they will get you one and you can use it for the rest of your trip (and longer).

Memory Maker

Memory Maker is how you access the photos after they are taken. Memory Maker costs $149 in advance (not available for 3 days) and $169 at the parks. After your picture is taken it will show up in your Memory Maker account. If you have a MagicBand that’s been tied to your account, even the ride pictures will show up.

Once you get home, you can look at your pictures, download them, print them, have them put on things like mugs, etc. all through the Memory Maker program. You will need to do all the downloads and purchases within 45 days. After that the images will disappear.

Magic Shots

Sometimes, the photographers will have to pose in specific ways so that characters or special effects can be superimposed in the photo editing phase. These are called Magic Shots – and options include holding Tinkerbell in your hand, battling Darth Vader, or even being surprise by a Hitchhiking Ghost.

If you’re hoping for a specific Magic Shot, just ask your friendly photographer!

Is It Right For Your Family?

Every family wants some pictures to remember their Perfect vacation to Walt Disney World – whether you take your own, opt for a few professional shots, or go for the whole nine yards and sign up for PhotoPass+.

For many families, the most economical route is to purchase 1 or 2 posed shots, but if you opt for the more expensive PhotoCD or PhotoPass+ options make sure you get the most bang for your buck and get as many pictures as you can!

Dad’s Bottom Line

PhotoPass is a great service offered by Disney, helping families to make picture-perfect memories at the most magical place on earth!