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Picture of Cinderella

This post is for guys only, so ladies, bear with us for a minute, I promise you’re not missing anything.

Hey, guys. Check this out. Here’s a picture I took at King Stefan’s Banquet Hall (now called Cinderella’s Royal Table) in 1986. Can you believe my wife actually sat there and encouraged me to take this picture?

She actually grabbed the camera and pushed it into my hands.

Where else in the whole world can you go and the wife doesn’t get mad when you take pictures of very pretty young ladies???? Thanks Uncle Walt.

OK ladies, since I know you peeked…

We (us guys) only take pictures like these for you and the kids to help you remember the great times we had together. So years from now, (like Mrs. Mom and I did recently when we found this photo) we can talk about and cry (yes cry) over how the kids were so cute… how they’ve grown so much… how much fun we had…

Aren’t we wonderful?

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