Plan for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

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What is the best plan for first time to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party without kids?

Video Transcript

That’s a pretty good question. Let me see. I got to find my notes here. That’s an interesting question. Planning for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is something that I just frankly never done. We’ve gone to the parties four or five times. We just don’t make a plan for the parties. I don’t think it’s all that necessary, but if you need to make a plan, here’s what I would suggest. It depends first time to be there, you want to take everything in.

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The main thing about the Christmas Party is walking down Main Street with the snow coming off the buildings, coming down. It looks like it’s snowing. Don’t stick your tongue out and lick it. I bet you do. Don’t stick your tongue out and lick it. It’ll be yucky because it’s really soap.

It's always Christmas on the Carousel of Progress

Never a line for the Carousel of Progress, even during Christmas – Photo by Cliff Wang

You’ve got snow coming down on Main Street. You’ve got all of the decorations. In fact, there’s brand new snacks at the different locations this year. Each land has a snack area, and there’s new snacks at each of the lands. We talked about that last week, the new snacks. Last weeks Lunch with Dad

What I would do, plan to go to my favorite thing first. For me, seven o’clock, I’m headed to Buzz Lightyear. I’m headed to Buzz Lightyear to jump in. The lines usually aren’t very long at the parties, so you can usually get right on to Buzz Lightyear. I go to Buzz Lightyear. Then I pop over next door and see Monsters, Inc., walk around Tomorrowland and get the Christmas feeling.

Then I’d probably go over to Adventureland and go enjoy, ride Pirates of the Caribbean. This is just me. These are the things that I like. This is what I would do. Go over to Adventureland, ride Pirates of the Caribbean. By that time, there won’t be a line at all.

If you do Buzz at seven, by the time you get over to Pirates of the Caribbean, 7:45, 8:00, there won’t be any line at all. You’ll walk right on. Anything else you want to do there, pick a spot, you want to be, and you want to see the parades at 9:30, fireworks at 10. Find you a spot where you’re going to be able to see those things.

If you want to come off of Pirates of the Caribbean, walk up by Pecos Bill Cafe and see the parade there, that’s a good place to watch the parade. You see it early. You catch it as it starts at around 9:30. It comes by there first as it goes down towards Main Street. If you want to catch it first, catch it up there. If you want to see it later, go do a couple more things, end up on Main Street when the parade comes to Main Street, that’s great.

Another thing I would do as soon as I got there is to check out the schedule for all the entertainment. There’s great shows going on in the castle, back on the stage in Tomorrowland, all over the park. There are great little Christmas shows that you can see, especially after dark. They’re really, really cool.

I just map those out and see what you wanted to do, hit the rides you want to hit. I’d save the big Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and any of the roller coasters for later in the evening. As the evening goes on, the lines get shorter because during the parade, you’re there as adults. With kids, kids get tired. The younger kids are going to be there for the parade. They might stay for the fireworks, and then they’re leaving. There’s a big mass of people that will leave the parties after the parades and the fireworks. The later in the night you can stay, the shorter the lines on the big rides get.

We’ve been on Space Mountain at the end of a party towards midnight and walked right on. Literally, five people in front of us.

Just pick out your favorites. Make you a plan which favorites. Don’t get real detailed. There’s always things going on. You never know when something’s going to pop up, something you need to see. That’s what I would say. You can make a plan, make an outline, don’t get real detailed, don’t sweat it. Just relax. It’s Simple. You’re at Disney World!!! It’ll be Fun. It’ll be Magical. Don’t worry about it. Don’t sweat it. Just go, have a great time, and enjoy the beauty of Christmas at Disney World.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

All right. That’s it. Bottom line, Dad’s bottom line, is just to go, make an outline, have a little plan, enjoy yourself. Enjoy yourself. Catch some of the shows, the snacks. You’ll be fine.


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Dec 08, 2016 great first time
by: Katmomdue

My daughter she’s 20 and I went for our first time to MVMCP I have been to Disney many many times since it opened, OK well not as many as Dad has but still a lot; its only an 18 hour drive to get there and who doesn’t love a road trip.

However this was my first Christmas at Disney and we loved it!!! the party was great and we figured ok well 5 hours will be plenty of time but oh my where did the time go?

We had ALL the snacks yummm from hot coco and cookies to the hot cider and smores, eggnog, how many cookies can one person eat? We absolutely need to go back we did not get to do all we wanted, no picture with Poo and friends or the 7 dwarfs, we didn’t know they were there until late and lines for characters were longer then for the rides.

We did not get on all the rids we wanted but when we got to the rides there was little wait time on some no wait time on others. We missed dinner so we needed some food besides cookies; if you want dinner, eat earlier in the evening there are very little options for food later.

Have fun and Merry Christmas everyone!

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