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Plan of attack Disney World spreadsheet?

by Manic Mom
(Austin, TX)

Hey Dad!

How is your day plan of attack Disney World spreadsheet coming along? I am not satisfied with what I am finding out there, and know that you are going to do it right!! We need you Dad!

Dad’s it’s gonna be big Answer

Dear Manic,

As a fellow Manic, let me tell you, you are right. There aren’t any good Disney World planning tools available. There’s a reason for that. It’s a whole lot of work to develop and implement. But so is putting up a good web site.

Yes, Dad did promise a plan of attack Disney World spreadsheet and it is in the works. Let me tell you, this is going to be big. Huge. Nothing like it has ever been tried. It’s going to be more than a spreadsheet, it’s going to be a virtual vacation assistant. Right now I’m calling it Dad’s Interactive Vacation Assistant, that’s right it’s going to be a DIVA.

You can expect to see promotional items for DIVA on Dad’s site in the near (or more likely far) future. At the current rate of development DIVA will be on the shelves about 6 months before the new century.

Truly, I am working on it. It is a huge job to make it something special, but I’ve made some contacts and I think things are moving along. Right now, I hope to have something up next year. Yes, I know that sounds like forever, but it’s a big job to do it right. (We don’t need any more useless Disney World planning tools out there.)

The real question is how much would you be willing to pay for a mind-blowing Disney World DIVA?

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