Planning and Gay Days

Planning and Gay Days

If we arrive on June 5th, 2011 and go to a different park other than Epcot, will we be able to avoid the Gay Days in our planning?

Dad's maybe, maybe not Answer

Yes, on June 5th 2011, Epcot will be the "Gay Days park". Does that mean you will be totally able to avoid it?

I don't know for sure. I hear rumblings that some, especially on Sunday, of the participants spill over into the other parks. The really rowdy crowd will pretty much be in Epcot, so you should be OK.

Dad's Bottom Line

My last experience with Gay Days was almost 30 years ago, and I skipped out on it even then. (Dad's experience with Gay Days.) There are reports that staying out of the targeted park works, there are reports that it doesn't. I hope everything works out for you. Please come back and tell us your experience.

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