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Planning, Planning, Planning a Walt Disney World Vacation


by Vince
(Kent Ohio)


I know the key to a good Disney vacation is planning and planning. I understand don’t over plan and have some flexibility in the planning, but were can I see a schedule of daily shows and activities for all the parks. Example, I’m looking to set a game plan at Hollywood Studios and want to plan a Disney Jr, Indiana Jones and Mermaid shows so was looking for times?Dad’s the best place Answer

Find times for the Indiana Jones show when planning a Disney World vacation

Planning a Walt Disney World Vacation Photo by Don Sullivan

Dad’s you’re so right Answer



You are so right. The secret to a great Walt Disney World vacation is planning. One of these days, Dad will have the ultimate planning guide available, but sadly it’s still in development (which means I haven’t started writing it yet). Someday, Dad will be the place to tune into for Disney World planning.


But until then I can still help. There is a site that specializes in Disney World show times. For years he had the place to visit to see when all the shows would be performed. He recently moved his site and lost a lot of visitors.


His site is called WDW Entertainment. You can find it at

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Steve does a great job of keeping times up to date. You’ll find times for all of the parks, Downtown Disney, the Boardwalk area and even special events. It’s a must for planning a Disney World vacation. Check him out.


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disney world parks


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disney world hours


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Comments for

Jun 08, 2011 Planning
by: Dean CHAPMAN Hi,

My family and I have visited Disney World four times in the last three years and stayed in Disney Resort hotels each time. The first three times we did not plan anything we just went with the flow and decided each day what we would be doing. this way worked really well for us. The last time we visited we went with some other people who had neve been before so we decided to plan the holiday so that they could see everything. We found that this way slowed us down and we didn’t enjoy it as much.

So for us we say do not plan.

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