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Polynesian Resort Renovation Status

by Michelle

I am reading different things about renovation at the Polynesian. My first trip to WDW is in November & I have requested the Tahiti longhouse. However, I am now seeing conflicting info about whether the Tahiti is being renovated with the rest of the resort. Do you know anything about renovation status at the Tahiti? Thank you!!!

The Waterfall inside the Polynesian Resort

I just love the Polynesian Resort – Photo by Rosemary Krevy Chiacchia from the Facebook page

Dad’s it’s quite a mystery, isn’t it Answer


Oh my, I am officially jealous. I love staying at the Polynesian Resort and I’ve dreamed of staying in one of those Theme Park View (I don’t know why Disney calls it a Theme Park View, there’s only one Theme Park you can see from the Polynesian Resort and that’s my favorite) rooms in the Tahiti Longhouse. I see that view in my sleep.

Dads’s Polynesian Resort page

That being said, the Tahiti Longhouse is/was scheduled for refurbishment starting in July, but it hasn’t begun yet. It’s not because Disney is behind on refurbishments at the Polynesian because they are pretty much on schedule. No word is being given on when renovations might begin (or even if they will begin).

There are some disturbing rumors out there about the Tahiti Longhouse. In fact, some are downright sad. It looks like if you do get to stay in Tahiti, you might be one of the last (at least in it’s current state).

There is one big thing I do have to caution you about Michelle, that’s Disney’s room assignment policy. Yes, they do try to accommodate all requests, they are just that, requests. Even though you REQUESTED the Tahiti building that doesn’t mean you’ll get it. We’ve made requests on just about every trip. We’re batting about 50%. That’s pretty good if your playing baseball, but it’s kinda disappointing when you’ve got your heart set on something.

That being said, I don’t know if I have a good answer for you. I think you might get to stay in the Tahiti Longhouse, but then again who knows. It’s kinda up in the air right now and Disney isn’t big on sharing information.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Michelle, good luck with your request. I hope your dreams come true. Let us know how it turns out.

PS. Thanks to my buddy Tikiman for the latest Polynesian information. He has a great site at

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