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Polynesian vs Kidani Villas at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

by Mike

Hi Dad,

I’m planning our first Disney trip, driving from Atlanta w/family of 4 (daughter 8, son 6) during May 22-28. I’m thinking 2 days at the Magic Kingdom and 1 day each at EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Hollywood Studios , with 1 kid’s choice day. Basic tickets (no park hopper or water park)and no meal plan (not big eaters). However I’m torn on the resort. Looking for place to regroup after lunch with an awesome kid friendly pool (hence no water park tickets). I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to Polynesian vs Kadani Villas at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, both look like they have great pools w/relaxed environments.

We received a pinned email offer from Disney for 40% off room only on deluxe resorts and deluxe villas equaling 1819 for Polynesian garden view and 2248 for 1br standard view villa. I love the convenience and location of the Polynesian Resort and the animal theme, full kitchen and almost 800 sq. ft. at Kidani.

Anything you might offer to push me one way or the other? Thanks in advance for your advice and informative site.

Dad’s go for the space Answer


As much as I love the Polynesian Resort on this one I’d have to go with the extra space. Now if you were comparing the Saratoga Springs to the Polynesian, I might have a different answer.

Yes, it’s quite a bit more for the 1 bedroom, but if you’re smart and get breakfast stuff for the room and drinks and snacks from one of the nearby stores, you can make up some of that money. Of course if you cook a couple of meals (yes, Mrs. Mom, I know, you don’t cook on vacation) you’ll almost make it all up.

When it comes to pools, the Poly vs the Kidani Villa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge it’s a toss the coin. The only real advantage is the beach at the Polynesian. That’s a big plus that the Animal Kingdom Lodge can’t match.

Dad’s Bottom Line

This is one of those almost too close to call issues, but bottom line is the extra space is always nice.


Mike, you can always go to Dad’s travel agent page and let Dad help you book your trip. Yes, Dad can apply your discount code.

Comments for Polynesian vs Kidani Villas at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Feb 06, 2011

Thanks Dad

by: MIke H. (atlanta)

Really appreciate your input. Good point regarding cost difference being made up simply by taking advantage of the full kitchen. And something tells me the extra space just might help wind down some pretty wound up kids!

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