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Pop Century vs. Port Orleans Riverside


by Dana
(St Paul, MN)


“Hi Dad, going to the World taking my husband, five year old son for the first time.” Yay, you’re going to Disney World. “I am in the planning stages. I have it down to Pop Century or the Port Orleans Riverside. Which would you choose for some first timers? Thank you for the help you’re providing, I love your site.”


The Pop Century's loud decorations

The Pop is LOUD and colorful!- Photo by Mike Billick


Hi, Dana. That’s a really good question. The answer is, I’m not going to give you a direct answer. It’s really all up to you. It’s what’s best for you.


The Pop Century and Port Orleans are two very, very different resorts. I love the Pop Century. It is my home away from home. I go to the Pop Century, I’ve stayed there probably 15 times. Every time I go I tend to stay at the Pop Century. It’s just the way it is, at least lately. I’ve been staying at the Pop Century a lot. When I want to save money, that’s where I go. When I go by myself, that’s where I end up. I end up at the Pop Century. I just love it. I love breakfast, love the omelets, I just love going to the Pop Century.


Dad’s Pop Century page


The stately Port Orleans Riverside

The Port Orleans is quiet and stately – Photo by Brett Svenson


The Port Orleans, the Pop Century is loud. Lots of people, loud, loud colors. Big icons. Bold, big, bold and loud. The Port Orleans, the Riverside and French Quarter, is very different. It’s quiet for a Disney hotel. It’s a more relaxed theme. It’s southern elegance. Where, the Pop Century is in your face glitzy, you’d expect lights to go off all the time. The Port Orleans is just the opposite. It’s more laid back and stately. Which one of those is more for your family?


Dad’s Port Orleans page


The Pop Century is going to be cheaper. It’s almost half the price of the Port Orleans, but in the Pop Century you’ve got full size beds. In the Port Orleans, you’ve got queen size beds. Pop Century, you’ve got smaller rooms. Port Orleans, you’ve got more space. Pop Century, you’ve only got the food court. Port Orleans, you’ve got the food court and you’ve got a sit down restaurant for dinner. It’s Pop Century, loud, bright. Port Orleans, quiet, stately. What fits you better? Is it the Pop Century and the loud and the bright, and the everything’s always happening? Or the Port Orleans which is a little quieter?


Now, the Pop Century has one bus stop in front of the main building. Port Orleans, the buses go around the resort, pick you up pretty close to your building. There’s trade offs. You just got to pick which one matches your family. It’s not what I want, it’s your trip. It’s not my trip.


I can be helpful and tell you what the differences are, but I’m not going to tell you what you want to pick, because that’s up to you. I’m not the one paying for it, you are. It’s what you need for your family. It’s what’s going to make your family happier. There you go.


Dad’s Bottom Line

Pop Century, bright, happy. Port Orleans, a little more relaxed, calmer. Which one works better for you?


disney world parks

disney world parks


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disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



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Jul 30, 2018 Don’t forget about the pools
by: Anonymous I’m debating the same.The Moderate hotels have better pools with slides and seem to be better (less crowded). Additionally, the Port Orleans (FQ and Riverside) pools are shared.One last tidbit, the Port Orleans hotels have direct access to the boats that take you to the Disney Springs.

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