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Disney's Pop Century Resort
Dad's Home Away from Home


Disney's Pop Century Resort is one of Dad’s favorite Walt Disney Resorts. This hotel is the “coolest” hotel anywhere. It’s groovy, hip, and happenin’. (It says so right on the top of the buildings.) And it’s about perfect.


Check out all the cool sayings on top of the buildings at the Pop Century ResortOut of Sight, Groovy, Cool, Peace, Love and Happiness - Photo by Andy Sanchez


Dad loves the Pop. It's my Home away from Home. When I'm at Walt Disney World there's a good chance I'll be at the Pop. In fact, the Pop was the first hotel that made one of Dad's Picks.


Pop includes 60-foot tall icons, giant silhouettes of people dancing on the sides of the buildings, and slogans from different decades lining the tops of the buildings.



What to Expect

Disney's Pop Century Resort and the Classic HallThe outside of Classic Hall - Photo by Judd Helms


The Classic Hall is the center of the resort, both literally and figuratively. It’s where you check-in, where you eat, drink, and even play video games. There are displays on the walls around the Classic Hall that have everything from saddle shoes to pet rocks. Check them out.


Disney’s Pop Century is decorated with loud colors. There’s nothing subtle here. It’s a great place for kids. And big kids too.

Get Your Reservation Groove On!

Want to book a room at Disney’s Pop Century today? Well that’s just great. Dad can help. Dad and his partners at Destinations To Travel are pretty much experts on helping you choose the perfect accommodations for your next Walt Disney World vacation. Give us a ring and see…

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Trust me.


Dad's Tour of a King refurbished room at the Pop


Pop Century has the most rooms of all the Disney Resorts. There are 2,880 guestrooms in 10 four-story buildings. Yes, that’s a bunch. You should be able to find one, or two, that match your family’s need for the perfect vacation. And yes, you can have a perfect vacation in a value resort.


The guest rooms at all of the value resorts are pretty small. They measure 260 square feet, and there is not a lot of wasted space. Most have 2 full size beds. There are several rooms with king beds. You have choices of Standard, Standard Pool view, Preferred, or Preferred Pool view rooms. The difference is how close you are to the Classic Hall or if you have a view of a pool. But hey, no matter which room you choose, or receive, you’re at Disney!


Disney hotel rules allow 4 guests per room. You can add one infant that can sleep in a crib. If you have more than 2 adults, Disney charges an additional fee per additional adult per night. The rooms are reasonably comfortable for a family of 4, but might be a little tight for 4 adults.


Money Saving Tip: If your family has more than 4, or you just want some extra space on your Disney World vacation, reserve 2 rooms. Disney only requires one adult per room. You can request connecting rooms. The Pop Century has over 700 connecting rooms. Two rooms would give you 520 square feet, which is more space than any other regular room at Disney World. PLUS you would have two bathrooms.

Dad knows all about the joys of having two bathrooms. Trust me.


The accommodations are equipped with everything most travelers need for a great Disney World vacation. Below is a list of the furnishings in the rooms:

  • Two full size beds or One king bed, which can be requested at least 5 days before arrival (a request is not a guarantee)

  • TV

  • One table (approximately 2x2) and 2 chairs

  • Telephone

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • A nightstand between the full size beds

  • An alarm clock

  • An armoire that has 6 drawers for storage

  • A keyed safe

  • Bathroom with a shower tub, or a walk in shower in the handicapped rooms

  • Refrigerator (now standard in all Disney hotel rooms)


  • Does the Pop Century have an elevator? (The short answer is, yes!)

All Disney rooms include some nice extras, Disney soap, shampoo, and hand lotion. Sometimes Mousekeeping even makes towel animals to amuse children.

Buildings by Decade

Disney Pop Century hotel mapClick on the map to download a copy


Rooms are painted to match the décor of the building. Tile colors, borders, and wall colors will change depending on the building you are assigned.


Guest buildings are grouped in decades. Each of the decades has a different look. The decades are the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.


A Pop Century manhole cover with the years of the Pop CenturyAll the years of the Pop Century - Photo by Laurie Sapp


1950's: Features include dancing “sock-hoppers” on the side of the buildings, massive bowling pins, a bowling pin shaped pool, and a 40-foot tall jukebox that blares early rock-and-roll tunes. Forty-foot tall Lady and the Tramp figures smile lovingly at each other in the courtyard. (Lady and the Tramp was released in 1955.) The sayings along the top of the buildings include “Be Bop, Rock n Roll, Sock Hop, Hoop Skirt, Hang Loose, and The Most!”


Baloo and Mowgli at the 60's section of the Pop CenturyBaloo and Mowgli are just huge - Photo by Laurie Sapp


1960's: Tie-dye and psychedelic colors rule the 60’s section of the Pop Century. Play-Doh cans, Baloo and Mowgli (from the Jungle Book) tower over the flower shaped swimming pool. Duncan Yo-Yo’s are all around. Sayings from the 60’s include “Groovy, Can You Dig It, Out of Sight, Nice Wheels, and Peace Man.”


Big Wheel's and Foosball are right out of the 70's - Photo by Mike Billick


1970's: The Big Wheel rules the courtyard in the 70’s section. Eight-track tapes demonstrate the chosen music of the decade, while rows of foosball men are lined up in the courtyard. Mickey Mouse makes a big appearance as a telephone. Sayings include “What’s Your Handle, 10-4 Good Buddy, Polyester, and Smile.”


The Rubic's Cube in the 80's section of the Pop CenturyThe big Rubic's Cube in the 80's area - Photo by Mike Billick


1980's: Rubic’s Cube the great puzzle of the 80’s dominates the 80’s section. There are several different cubes showing the progression of the solution. The 80’s section is combined with the 90’s.


The big computer and floppy disk in the 90's section of the Pop CenturyThe 90's is all about the computer - Photo by Mike Billick


1990's: Giant computers and cellular telephones decorate the courtyard that’s shared with the 80’s section. Stacks of “floppy disks” surround the pool, which is in the shape of a computer. Sayings on the 80’s/90’s buildings are “Keep it Real, Fer Shure, Hip Hop, To the Max, and The Net.”


the entrance to Everything Pop with a Christmas Tree in the foregroundEverything Pop is a great place to hangout - Photo by Andy Sanchez


Disney’s Pop Century Hotel has a great place to get breakfast. Everything POP is located in the Classic Hall in the main building. It’s right beside the check-in desk. You can’t miss it.


Everything POP Shopping and Dining serves fresh breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also grab snacks and drinks- almost like a small convenience store.


There are seven stations that operate for all three meals. Each has a specialty that you can see on the menu board that sits above each station. The menus recently had a makeover to make them healthier.

The eating area is huge with lots of tables, but because of the size of the resort, at the busy times of the day it fills up fast. Seating outside is available.


In the middle of Everything POP is a grab and go area where you can get everything from milk and cereal to fruit and salads.


Refillable Mugs: All the Disney World resorts have refillable mugs. These are included in the Disney Dining Plan or you can purchase them separately. There are 3 drink islands available. Each island has an area where you can wash your mug out (Disney is so thoughtful), dispensers for soft drinks, hot chocolate, (sometimes) milk, fruit juice, and coffee.

Money Saving Tip: If you aren’t on the Dining Plan and you drink any non-alcoholic drink other than water, the refillable mugs will save you money.

Everything POP is very convenient. Everyone can select what they want from one of the stations and then you can get the family back together before you pay. This restaurant is considered a Quick Service Restaurant for the Disney Dining Plan.

Dad really enjoys breakfast at Everything POP. The other meals are just meh, your standard quick-service fare. Grab an omelet. You will thank me later. The refillable mug is a lifesaver.


Hey Dad, don’t forget the shopping! Everything POP is not just a Food Court; it’s one of the “coolest” gift shops at WDW. You can find all sorts of groovy merchandise and souvenirs. After you finish eating, don’t forget to take a spin inside the Everything POP gift shop!


Petals Pool Bar: Hang loose by the Hippy Dippy Pool and enjoy some liquid refreshment.


Room Service Pizza has delivery available from 4:00pm until midnight.


Have some fun in the pools - Photo by Judd Helms


The pools at the Pop Century are legendary (yes, pun intended). There are three heated pools (we saw people in the pool when the temperature was 35 degrees). The Bowling Pin Pool is in the 50’s area. The Hippy Dippy Pool is in the 60’s area, and the Computer Pool is in the 80’s/90’s area.

Lifeguards are on duty from 9:00am until midnight.


The pools are a great place for kids to burn off that last burst of energy before going to bed. Our teenagers loved the freedom of getting away from the parents and going out to the pool, even after a full day in the parks. We parents loved the fact that we could walk out the door and look down and see the kids.


The New Balance Running Trail is a fun way to start the day - Photo by Laurie Sapp


Did you know that there is plenty of things to do at the Walt Disney World Resort other than just visit theme parks? It’s true! You can even have tons of fun right at the Pop Century! Make sure to take a look at the Recreation Calendar you get at check-in.

  • Pool activities happen throughout the day. There might be a dance or pool party, trivia, or other games! (Subject to weather, it is Florida after all.)

  • Movies Under the Stars are free movies shown on certain nights at the Hippy Dippy Pool.

  • Start your day off with a jog on the one-mile trail that’s part of Pop Century.

The Fast Forward Arcade is a great place to hang out - Photo by Laurie Sapp

  • Fast Forward Arcade is the home of games both old and new. Located in the Classic Hall, it’s a great place to hang out on a rainy or non-park day.

  • There’s a quiet playground located in the 70’s section.

  • Rent a locker near the Bowling Pin Pool, Computer Pool, and Hippy Dippy Pool if you aren’t in a nearby room.

  • Laundry rooms are located near all three pools.


The staff doing The Hustle


There are lots of extras scattered around the Disney Pop Century Resort.

  • There’s an oversized Twister and Ping Pong table (with paddles and balls).
  • Every evening at around 6, the staff at the front desk does the Hustle.
  • Check out all of the over-sized icons. They make for some great photos!


If you are a hotel guest at Disney’s Pop Century, you can park right at the resort free of charge! This is actually true of any Disney Resort Hotel.


Didn’t drive to Florida? There are many transportation options other than your own car. These include:

  • Disney’s Magical Express is available if you are coming from MCO, Orlando’s airport. You can take the Magical Express right to your hotel. This is a free, yes FREE, service! Just make reservations for Disney’s Magical Express and let Disney do the driving.
  • Use Disney buses to get to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney Springs, and the water parks. Buses can be found just outside Classic Hall.
  • Getting to other resorts can be difficult and the lines to wait for transportation can be daunting at rush times. For example, there’s no easy way to get to Jiko or Boma, two nice restaurants in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. To get there you could take a bus to one of the theme parks where you would then change buses to the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Dad recommends having a car at Disney World;if you want to conveniently explore other resort areas.


Bus service is quick and efficient. Usually. But be aware, at the end of a long day at the parks, Pop Century normally has the longest bus line waiting to return to the resort. You might have to wait for a few buses during busy times.


The Pop Century is located close to Disney Hollywood Studios and just south of Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort and next to the Art of Animation.


View Map to Pop Century in a larger map


Address and Phone Number:

Disney's Pop Century Resort
1050 Century Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
(407) 938-4000



Toy Story Land

Dad's Bottom Line

The Pop Century is Dad’s second home at Disney World. (Yes, the Polynesian Village Resort comes first, but only when Dad can afford it.) The rooms are great for a family of 4, the colors are funky, and it’s just about perfect.


Yes, the rooms at Disney’s Pop Century (all 2,880 of them), like all of the Value Resorts are a bit small, but they are very comfortable and really well kept, like all Disney Hotel rooms are. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I plan on spending most of my time hanging out with Mickey at the Magic Kingdom.