Predictions on December 2017 Crowds?

by Rebecca Hope
(Baltimore, MD)

Hi Dad, I am considering going to Disney in December 2017. I know prices and what not will not come up until summer. We are considering a long weekend Thursday until Tuesday or a full week – a Friday until the following Sunday. Any predictions as to when would be the best time to go in December 2017 with the fewest crowds? Thanks!!!

cinderella castle

Christmas crowds can be manageable – Photo by Judd Helms

Dad’s Back to the Future Answer

Rebecca, as luck would have it, I do have a prediction for you. And the even better news is – you have a few options! How’s that for magic?

While pricing on 2017 packages won’t be out for a few months, you can sign up for Dad’s 2017 Wait List so you get an email notification as soon as packages and pricing are available.

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But enough about now, let’s go back to the future! Dad’s got a knack for planning ahead so you can check out Dad’s 2017 Crowd Calendars now even though it’s only 2016.

December 2017

What it boils down to in your case is this: Go ANY time in the first half of December. December 17 is when you’ll see crowds start to ramp up. Before then, it’s pretty smooth sailing – I’d suggest arriving on December 7 or 8 and staying for a long weekend or a full week.

This is actually perfect timing for you to enjoy Dad’s favorite time of year at Disney – Christmas! All of the decorations, snacks, and festivities will be in full swing, the temperatures will be cool, the crowds will be low – is doesn’t get any better than this. Trust me.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Rebecca, there is no bad time to go to Walt Disney World, but you’re truly picking the BEST time to go, in Dad’s opinion. It’s my favorite week of the year at WDW. Happy holidays!

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